A new musical era! Tate McRae released her latest single, “Greedy,” on Friday, September 15 — more than one year after her debut album, I Used to Think I Could Fly, dropped in May 2022.

“I’m beyond excited to drop ‘Greedy’ and share this new chapter of my music with the world,” Tate shared in a press release upon the song’s release. “I wrote ‘Greedy’ about having the confidence to know what you want. I feel like this is the first time where people are seeing a feistier and more playful side of me. This song is so unexpected, and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it.”

Keep reading for everything to know about the songs lyrics, meaning and more. 

What Is Tate McRae’s Song ‘Greedy’ About?

On the track, Tate seemingly sings about a potential romantic relationship.

“I would want myself / Baby, please believe me / I’ll put you through hell,” the chorus reads. “Just to know me, yeah, yeah / So sure of yourself / Baby, don’t get greedy / That s–t won’t end well.”

When discussing the track, Tate explained that it’s about “the confidence to know what you want” — which can relate to a relationship or life in general.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Previously, the songstress teased her new era of music in December 2022.

“I’m in my next cycle of writing and music,” she told KISS108 FM during an interview at the time. “I’m definitely working towards a second [album]. I don’t know exactly when … no songs are chosen. Nothing’s really decided yet.”

That being said, Tate explained that she was “in the zone” for this new era, and finalizing “who I want to be and what I want to say next.”

What Are the Lyrics to Tate McRae’s Song ‘Greedy’?

In the first verse, Tate seemingly recounts a conversation with a possible suitor.

“He said, ‘Are you serious? I’ve tried, but I can’t figure out/ I’ve been next to you all night and still don’t know what you’re about You keep ta- talkin’, but not much comin’ out your mouth /Can’t you tell that I want you?’ I say, yeah,” the beginning of the song reads, before she launches into the chorus.

As the track continues, she switches to her point of view before continuing the conversation with the suitor in the bridge.

“He said, ‘I’m just curious, is this for real or just an act? / Can’t tell if you love or hate me, never met someone like that. Drive me so (So, so) crazy, did you know you got that effect?'” the lyrics read.

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