She’s taking over the music world one song at a time! Tate McRae‘s debut album I Used to Think I Could Fly was officially releases on Friday, May 27, and every track tells a special story.

Ahead of the record’s release, the “You Broke Me First” songstress, 18, told J-14 exclusively that it’s “scary” to think her first-ever full-length album is here!

“I’m going through a whole bunch of phases because a week ago I was like, ‘I wanna scrap the whole thing. I hate it all. I wanna do a new album and then yesterday I was like, ‘Woo, I love it. I love every single song.’ I think it’s phases right now until it drops,” Tate shared. “I hope people like it because I did pour everything into it, and I feel like I did it by myself, which I’m really proud of. I think that’s like rewarding in a sense.”

Before her claim to fame as a singer, Tate stepped into the spotlight in 2016 on So You Think You Can Dance. Then, after her single “You Broke Me First” was release, she became a household name. The track spent 38 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 list after it was released and even made its debut as a No. 1 Top 40 radio hit. With a world tour under her belt and tons of popular singles, she’s more than ready for the world to hear her first collection of tunes.

Everything to Know About Tate McRae’s Debut Album: Release Date, Tracklist, More!
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More than a year before her album release, the Canadian musician chatted with NYLON in March 2021 about being “nervous” when releasing new music.

“You just never know what’s going to happen or if it reacts well. You just never know. But I’m the worst at titling things,” she recalled, discussing her Too Young to Be Sad EP. “So, I really wanted something memorable, but kind of disregarding the whole thing.”

Tate added, “Because I talk a lot about teenage heartbreak and just really miserable things, and then, it’s like the title just completely throws it away. It’s like, ‘Yeah, but I’m too young to be sad, so who cares?’ It wraps it up in a way. Although I’ll feel every single one of these things so deeply, I also always have the mentality of like, it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.”

Now’s she’s telling us another story with I Used to Think I Could Fly. Scroll through our gallery for an exclusive breakdown of all the lyrics. 

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