Drop everything now, but don’t meet us in the pouring rain — just grab some headphones and get ready to sing and dance because Taylor Swift‘s eighth studio album is finally here! That’s right, almost one full year after the songstress dropped Lover, she’s back and better than ever with Folklore.

Since Friday, July 24, fans have been listening to the 30-year-old’s brand new, meaningful songs non-stop. Written as a way to pour out all of Taylor’s “whims, dreams, fears and musings,” the entire record is filled with stunning ballads and brilliant lyrics. So, naturally, some people have wondered, who exactly are these songs about? What do these songs actually mean? Are there any hidden messages in the lyrics? Not to worry, people, because J-14 has got you covered.

From sharing the history of her Rhode Island home to telling different stories from her life and everything in between, the blonde beauty escaped “into fantasy, history, and memory” for these tracks, according to her Instagram. Get ready for a full breakdown of all the singer’s newest songs. Scroll through our gallery to uncover all the hidden messages in Taylor’s brand new album Folklore.

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