We can all agree that Taylor Swift is a super talented singer and songwriter, right? But what makes her truly special is how often she gives back! The “Look What You Made Me Do” songstress is constantly donating her money to charity, helping others and standing up for what she believes in, and it’s seriously so inspiring. Her most recent act of kindness? Well, the singer just legit paid for a fan’s college tuition!

Yep, that’s right. A Swiftie named Ayesha took to her Instagram account on Monday, August 12, where she posted a screenshot of a Paypal transaction. The transaction showed that the fan had received $6,386.47 CAD — which converts to to about $4,800 USD — from Taylor Nation, LLC, with a note that read, “Ayesha, get your learn on girl. I love you! -Taylor.”

“I posted about struggling with paying for tuition. Two hours later, I get this in my email. I have no words and I can’t stop crying,” the fan captioned it.

OMG. How sweet is that?! And as fans know, this isn’t the first time Taylor’s helped her supporters by sending them gifts or money. Back in 2017, she even bought a house for one of her struggling fans! She also sent $15,000 to a Swiftie, who’s mom was unfortunately in a coma for three years.

“My Mom has been in a coma for three years now,” the fan, named Sadie, wrote in a heartbreaking note posted to her Twitter account in October 2018. “My family is in trouble. We are in, I think, the worst place we’ve ever been financially. Everything is really hard right now, I feel like I’ve reached my breaking point.”

Swift donated the money via the family’s GoFundMe page. Back in 2015, the 29-year-old helped another fan, named Rebekah, with her education, when she sent her a check for $1,989 to help pay off her student loans. A package arrived at Rebekah’s door, containing a handwritten letter, Polaroids, assorted gifts and the check — and she documented the whole thing on video.

Seriously, name a better idol, we’ll wait.

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