The Internet went wild after a celebrity tattoo artist posted a photo of a mystery blonde rocking a brand new rose tattoo on her neck. The tattoo artist tagged Taylor Swift, and since you couldn’t see the girl’s face in the pic, people started to believe the singer had just gotten her first ink design. Multiple news outlets reported that faceless blonde in the snap was indeed the “Blank Space” singer, but after much investigation, we can confirm that it’s definitely not Taylor.

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Celebrity tattoo artist Jonboy, who’s tatted Hailey Baldwin, Zayn Malik, and Kendall Jenner before, posted the pic that sent Twitter into a frenzy. But we took a closer look, and although there are some similarities, we noticed that the mystery blonde’s hair actually looks completely different from Taylor’s. See for yourself!

Taylor Swift Tattoo

True fans know what their idol looks like from head to toe, and that includes every strand of hair on their head, so some fans were also quick to debunk the rumor. One pointed out that, “Taylor has more hair than that, I think — and not as blonde,” while another added, “Taylor’s roots have never been shadowed roots.”

And this isn’t the first time this happened. Who remember’s that time Jon posted a pic of a heart tattoo on someone’s wrist, and fans thought that Harry Styles had gotten it because he tagged the singer? Turns out, it was just a fan, and he only tagged Harry because the “Sign Of The Times” singer had actually inspired the tat. That’s most likely the case this time.

As for Taylor, she’s even admitted in the past that she’s not a fan of having something on her body forever. “I just… I don’t think I could ever commit,” she told Taste of Country back in 2012. “I don’t think I could ever commit to something permanent.”

But she did know what she would get if she were to ever get one, and it definitely wasn’t a rose. “If I was going to get something, it would be a 13,” she continued, which fans know is the singer’s lucky number. She then said more definitively, “I don’t want to get a tattoo.”

So that clears that one up! Yeah, you definitely cannot fool a Swiftie!

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