Taylor Swift turns 29 years old today, so let’s all take a moment to appreciate the queen! Besides her amazingly catchy songs and iconic performances, the singer is pretty known for her super-clever lyrics. Especially since she’s constantly throwing hidden messages about her ex-boyfriends into them and doing it in the most epic way possible. We’ve pretty much decoded them all by now, but what about her music videos? Are they filled with Easter eggs too? We just realized that we haven’t taken the time to appreciate her vids yet, so today, we are doing just that.

From the epic “Shake It Off” music video, where the singer made fun of herself by dancing alongside professionals, to the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” video, where her band dressed up as storybook animals, she’s always been super creative with her music videos. But besides from their clever storylines, we noticed there are a lot more Easter eggs than you probably noticed! We went ahead and made a list of all the hidden gems in some of Taylor’s music videos, so scroll through our gallery to uncover them all.

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