The Chainsmokers’ frontman Alex Pall was in some pretty hot water last week with his longtime girlfriend Tori Woodward. She posted security footage of Alex kissing a mystery woman after leaving his house. He had yet to speak out about the incident publicly, until now. TMZ caught up with Alex at the airport before he boarded a flight to Qatar for a gig and asked him how he’s been holding up amid the cheating scandal. Turns out, he’s not doing so well. He said, “She deserves the best, I wish her nothing but the best for her. She deserves a better guy than me…I’ve been miserable. I’m looking forward to getting out of the country.”

And what has he learned from all of it? An important lesson for us all. Alex said, “Be a better person and take care of those who love you.” Looks like he may have some regrets. However, it’s not clear whether he has apologized to Tori or asked for forgiveness after she exposed him. It’s safe to say that their relationship is dunzo, though.

Tori mentioned in her Instagram story expose that Alex had yet to apologize and tried to stop her from showing the world who he really was or what was going on behind closed doors. From the looks of the security footage that Tori released, it seemed like he was staying at a house – unknown if it was his or not – and had this woman come to him presumably so paparazzi or anyone else wouldn’t catch him hanging out with someone who wasn’t his girlfriend. Tori decided to post the evidence on her Instagram story raising awareness for all the girls out there that you don’t have to stay in a bad relationship.

Watch the video and check out the security footage Tori Woodward exposed of her boyfriend Alex cheating on her.

She posted two messages on her Instagram story that read, “After hours of begging him for scraps of honesty I chipped away just enough to confirm that this is not the first time he has remorsely cheated on me. That ‘psycho b-tch’ from Vegas, the ‘lame Instagram model’ caught on video and countless others he looked me in the eyes and swore on his life he never touched. Consistent outright denial faded to him explaining that because all men do it its not that bad and, in different words, that because he’s famous now he has a different rulebook for decency. What’s perhaps most amazing is that he HASN’T EVEN APOLOGIZED.”

Tori continued, “What he has done is everything he possibly can to stop this from coming out, from looking the the kind of person who does what he’s done. ‘You’re better than this.’ That’s right I am, but you’re not and if there was ever a time to hold powerful men accountable for their disgusting behavior it’s now.

Don’t be that guy. Don’t let your friend or brother or business partner be that guy. Basic respect for women in your life should not be such a hard standard to hold each other to.

I really appreciate all of the kind messages I’ve been getting. I’m moving on with my life now with the satisfaction that I’m liberated from a horrible person and encourage anyone else in a similar position to know your worth and do the same. ❤️”

PREACH, GIRL! As hard as this situation might be for Tori, we really admire and respect her bravery for coming out and telling her story. The pair has been together for a long time so doing this kind of thing definitely wasn’t easy, especially since it sounded like they had conversations about leaking the infidelity. Like Tori mentioned, in a time when we are fighting to show powerful men in Hollywood that they cannot act in vulgar ways towards women, she had every right to show his fans his true colors. We hope for nothing but the best in Tori’s future love life because like Alex said, she deserves it.

This story was originally published on January 16, 2018, and has since been updated.

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