They may play pogues on their show, but the Outer Banks cast certainly don’t live like that in real life.

Since the show was released on Netflix in April 2020, the stars have been living large — but it wasn’t always that way! Since most of the cast are newcomers to the acting scene, it has been quite the adjustment for all of them. But that being said, there’s no pay discrepancy when it comes to their salaries.

Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron in the show, said the cast all gets paid the same

“It’s an ensemble and we all work equally as hard,” she told Cosmopolitan in February 2023. “We were really open about wanting the same for everyone and to feel that everybody is compensated fairly.”

Chase Stokes specifically had it rough prior to the show’s success after being unemployed for months, as he was “sitting in my borderline evicted apartment,” which he admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The actor, 29, was even living in his car at one point. “Every day, I would find a different parking spot, and it worked out, I never got caught.”


Soon after some struggling months living in and out of his car, he was offered an audition all the way in Charleston, South Carolina, where he didn’t know would soon be his salvation: the Outer Banks.

“I landed in Charleston, and I went to call an Uber, and my bank account was overdrafted,” the soon-to-be John B said on The Drew Barrymore Show. “So that was kind of like the bottom of the well for me.” After a quick call to his mom to borrow some cash, Stokes finally made it to the production office and nailed his audition.

“I had -$36 in my bank account, so if I can keep that fighter’s mentality, I hope that that’s something that will help me continue to work,” he told Insider.

Scroll through our gallery to uncover the cast’s (outer) bank accounts! 

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