Fans think The Weeknd‘s new song “Thought I Knew You” with Nicki Minaj is about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez – so is it true? All signs are pointing to yes.

The ex-lovers split last year after dating for less than a year. Shortly after, Selena rekindled the flame with Justin Bieber – her high school (er, Hollywood) sweetheart, if you will – for a very short amount of time. But fast forward to now, and Justin is engaged to Hailey Baldwin. And as for the Weeknd, he’s back with Bella Hadid – who he previously dated before he started seeing Selena. Yeah, we know. This particular web of stars is a complex one.

selena the weeknd


In the song off Nicki’s new album “Queen,” The Weeknd sings about a relationship where his significant other isn’t the person he originally thought she was. Take a look at the lyrics, and you be the judge.

Misconstrued your love (misconstrued your love)
You confused my love
You givin up (up)
On love (on love)
Not to lose my love (not to lose my love), yea

He then goes on to sing about how his ex is involved in a lot of drama, which had fans thinking he could totally be referring to all the Biebz drama always swirling around Selena.

Honestly, I think this s–t excites you (excites you)
All that drama that you’re tied to (oh, yeah)
You play the victim every time too
That s–t came back and hit you times two

Whether it’s really about Selena or not, there is no way of knowing for sure. Unless The Weeknd confirms himself, seems like we’ll just be left here wondering.

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