While you might have thought Bella Hadid and The Weeknd were back in business, it wasn’t until this morning that the duo became officially official – on Internet terms, that is. Despite the fact that Bella and The Weeknd have been packing on the PDA recently, the newly rekindled pair did not start following each other on Instagram until, well, TODAY. We know, we know. It’s hard to believe they were legit caught kissing in Cannes before they thought to hit follow on Insta. To each his own.

Receipts, you ask? One moment, pls.

the weeknd bella hadid

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So let’s talk Selena Gomez because you better believe The Weeknd’s former girlfriend is involved in this social media saga. When The Weeknd and Bella initially split, both he and Selena Gomez unfollowed Bella, which is like the ultimate Insta-diss. Now, the roles have reversed. Selena is not being followed by her ex-bae or his current GF. However, Selena herself is only following 36 humans on Instagram at the moment, and a good chunk of those are Selena Gomez fan accounts. So even if The Weeknd and Bella are cool with Selena, why should they be expected to go out on a limb and follow Selena when they’re fairly certain she’s not going to give the follow back, even if she is the most followed person on the app? Just sayin.’

selena gomez

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This is all super super awk though, if you ask us, considering Bella and Selena somewhat run in similar circles of friends. In fact, Selena’s tight with Bella’s sister Gigi Hadid. But like, it’s a weird friendship because they’re tight enough to hug each other at the 2018 Met Gala, but they’re not tight enough to follow each other on Instagram either.

gigi selena

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Come on, guys. Can’t we all just be friends?! But seriously Bella and The Weeknd, we’re happy for you.

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