Twilight might be one of the most epic love stories (of all time, TBH), but have the actors behind the iconic supernatural franchise found their own love? Keep reading to find out!

For those who (somehow) forgot, the saga followed the relationship between a teenage girl named Bella Swan and a vampire named Edward Cullen. The five-film series was based on the book series by the same name by Stephanie Meyer and starred some pretty big names like Ashley GreeneKristen StewartRobert PattinsonPeter FacinelliNikki ReedTaylor LautnerElizabeth ReaserJackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz.

If you’re a Twilight superfan, then you definitely remember when Kristen (Bella) and Robert (Edward) dated when the series first premiered in 2009.

“It was so clear who worked,” Kristen told The New Yorker in 2021 about her first chemistry read with Robert. Kristen described her relationship with the Twilight actor as “young and stupid” to the magazine, but revealed what attracted her to him.

“[He had an] intellectual approach that was combined with ‘I don’t give a fuck about this, but I’m going to make this sing,'” she revealed. “And, whatever, we were young and stupid and, not to say that we made it so much better, but that’s what it needed, and that’s what anybody playing those parts needed to feel.”

During their five-year relationship, the couple went on to film five Twilight movies together. However, the pair split in 2013, one year after Kristen was accused of cheating on Rob with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

In an interview with British Esquire in 2014, Robert didn’t blame the breakup on Kristen and explained that it was due to age.

“S–t happens, you know? It’s just young people, it’s normal! And honestly, who gives a s–t?” he began. “The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can’t predict. It’s like that scene in Doubt, where he’s talking about how to take back gossip? They throw all those feathers from a pillow into the sky and you’ve got to go and collect all the feathers.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see all which cast members of Twilight are single, married or taken.

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