TXT‘s Yeonjun is a social butterfly! The Korean idol has so many friends in the K-pop world, and he’s snatching ’99-liner’ BFFs left and right. Keep reading for a guide to his friends he lovingly calls his “darlings.”

Who Are Yeonjun’s ’99-Liners’?

Yeonjun’s friend group has at least five other members (that we know of). The group includes K-pop idols born in the year 1999: ATEEZ’s Wooyoung, ATEEZ’s San, Stray Kids’ Changbin, CRAVITY’s Serim and SEVENTEEN’s Dino.

The TXT member often refers to his besties as “darling,” so fans have started to call his friend group “darlings.”

His OG “darling” BFF is definitely ATEEZ’s Wooyoung, who used to train with Yeonjun at BigHit Entertainment (now known as HYBE).  While the boys went on to debut with other boy groups and companies, they have remained close and often shout one another out on livestreams, interviews and post photos of one another on social media.

One of the sweetest moments between the two was when Wooyoung was featured in the 2023 documentary Fill In The Blank, which gives fans an unfiltered look at who he is as an artist and person. In his own segment, Wooyoung spoke about how Yeonjun was a huge part in his journey to become an idol.

According to Wooyoung, Yeonjun was a massive source of support when he was a trainee. “In some way, I think he was one of my biggest driving forces when I started my life as a trainee,” he revealed.

What strengthens their friendship even more is that Wooyoung’s bandmate, San, went to high school with Yeonjun! The two attended the Korean Arts High School together, meaning that San was likely friends with Yeonjun before ever meeting Wooyoung.

One of the newest additions to Yeonjun’s friend group was SEVENTEEN’S Dino, after the TXT singer posted a TikTok video of the pair dancing to “GOOD BOY GONE BAD” in June 2022. “I’m happy that we’re in the same company, my darling,” Yeonjun captioned the post. Another day, another darling!

Click through our gallery to uncover all of the members in Yeonjun’s “darling” 99-liner friend group. 

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