You better sit down, Teen Wolf fans – because Tyler Posey is out here talking about the possibility of a Teen Wolf movie, and it is just too much for our hearts to handle. The 26-year-old actor, who played Scott McCall in the fan-favorite MTV series, was asked in a recent interview with PeopleTV’s Chatter if he would ever consider returning to Teen Wolf if it was turned into a movie. 

“For Teen Wolf, that’s what I’ve said since the beginning of that show. I’ve always wanted to do that. So, I’m all for it,” Tyler said.

So what would it be like if the cast all got back together? Tyler explained that they’re all cool with one another. Plus, you know it’s the real deal when cast members hang out after their show has wrapped. And that’s exactly what he and Dylan O’Brien were just out doing.

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MTV, Teen Wolf

“Dylan O’Brien is still one of my best friends,” he continued. “We actually went to Comic-Con last weekend with each other. It was our first time we went without any obligations because Teen Wolf is over, so we didn’t have anything to promote – and, we went and partied and danced all night until five in the morning.”

But wait, um where was our invite? But knowing that their bromance lives on since the Stiles and Scott brotherhood was such a huge part of the show is nothing short of amazing. Plus, IRL, both actors have been through a lot and have always been vocal about how they were really there for each other during their tough times, so this friendship is the real deal. That’s not the last of their quality time though – Tyler confirmed the cast is always trying to meet up. 

teen wolf


He added, “I love the cast of Teen Wolf, and I try to keep in touch with them as much as possible. Dylan and I see each other all the time.”

Brb, we’ll just be over here dreaming about seeing the cast of Teen Wolf reunited on the big screen.

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