It’s only been two months since VCHA debuted with “Girls of the Year,” and they’re already back with their first comeback! The global girl group just released their second official single “Only One,” which showcases their love for their fans, also known as VLIGHTS. As the first global girl group to train under the K-pop trainee system, VCHA consists of six teenagers from around the United States and Canada: Lexi, Camila, Kendall, Savanna, KG and Kaylee.

The girls chatted with J-14 exclusively via email, where they opened up about their first comeback, touring with TWICE and so much more. Keep reading to see our exclusive Q&A interview with VCHA!

Congratulations on your first comeback! How’s it feel doing this a second time
around? Has the time flown?

Lexi: Thank you so much! Time really has flown by, especially since we are
already on our second comeback. Just a year ago, we were on the show A2K
and now we’re here! It’s still a dream for me, but we just want to say that we are
so grateful and happy about all the support we are receiving!

Tell J-14 readers about your 2nd single “Only One.” What’s the message behind it?

Camila: “Only One” expresses the feeling and the journey that we go through
when we’re in love, by the end of the song we reveal that our true love are our
VLIGHTS! In the song we show our unconditional love towards them!

What was your favorite part about preparing for this comeback?

Lexi: My favorite part about preparing for this comeback was everything! From
hearing the song for the first time to filming the performance video, it was all my
favorite. “Only One” is such a bright and energetic concept which makes the
whole experience so awesome. I especially loved filming the performance video.
The set itself was like a movie. We all had a great time acting in this performance
video because it felt like we were dolls just having fun!

KG: My favorite part about preparing for this comeback was filming the
performance video for “Only One.” Being on set with the girls and being a part of
the creative process is always exciting, and being able to see the final product in
the end feels like a huge accomplishment.

VCHA has opened for several TWICE shows on their world tour. What has that
been like?

Savanna: Wow, it’s truly been such an amazing and unforgettable experience for
all of us. Of course it was nerve racking to know we would be performing in front
of so many people so early in our journey, but we practiced super hard and all
that was left was excitement! We are so incredibly grateful to TWICE, ONCE,
and everyone else who made this possible!

Have TWICE, or any K-pop groups, given you any advice as rookies?

Lexi: Actually, the person who gave us a lot of advice in this journey of being
VCHA, is J.Y. Park. We were created through the show A2K becoming J.Y. Park
was our mentor so we often received advice from him which was super helpful
and beneficial for our growth. We’ve been able to grow as people in so many
different categories, such as character, skills, and teamwork.

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What have you learned the most about yourself since being in VCHA?

Camila: I’ve learned that I’m capable of anything if I set my mind to. No matter
how hard it looks, if I really want to accomplish it or master it I will work extremely
hard to get it . As long as I’m confident in myself and I believe in my ideas and

Savanna: This journey starting from A2K up until this point of being in VCHA has
taught me so many things. One of the things I’ve learned about myself would be
that growth is definitely possible when you put in the work and are truly
dedicated. Last year, I would have never thought I would be capable of some of
the things I am capable of doing today!

Which member do you think has grown the most since debut and why?

Lexi: In this journey from A2K to VCHA, I believe that all of us have grown an
incredible amount. This is because with passion, determination, and hard work,
you can achieve so much. We were all able to grow with support from each other
as well. With the help of others, it really helped strengthen both our skills and our
teamwork which is why I think we as a team have just grown in general.

What are some of your goals for VCHA in the next few years?

Camila: I want us to try different sounds and concepts. I believe that we are a
very well rounded group that can pull off any type of style. I want us to show what
we’re capable of and what we’ve been working for!

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What do you think VCHA’s greatest strengths as a group are?

Savanna: As many know, during the show A2K, we all went through a series of
evaluations to become the final members of VCHA. Throughout the process we
all learned many things, and I think one thing we became very strong at is
performing under pressure. With the weight of needing to do your absolute best
to proceed in the show, we definitely had to learn to trust our practice and give it
our all during our performances. That is a mindset we have kept going into VCHA
to allow us to show our best to our VLIGHTS!

What is a genre of music you would like VCHA to try?

Kendall: I am personally interested in seeing VCHA experiment with more ballad
or R&B music. I want to show a side of VCHA that is softer and can showcase all
of our singing abilities. I also believe it is a style that our fans would really like to
see from us and that we would enjoy performing.

Camila: I would love us to try a more hip hop based song. I believe that we all
feel really confident about that concept and it’s a style that we know would suit us
very well. It could really showcase our rapping skills and a more laid back singing
style as well.

Who is an artist you’d love to collaborate with in the future?

KG: I’m going to say Ariana Grande. I think she’s an amazing artist and
personally I just love her music.

Savanna: I actually would love to collaborate with someone within our company.
I think it would be a great honor and such a fun experience if that could happen
one day!

What message would you like to give J-14 readers who are getting to know you for
the first time?

Lexi: VCHA is a global girl group that consists of individuals with different
backgrounds and cultures. We have come together as a group of youthful
teenagers to shine a light upon this world with our music and performances!

Kendall: VCHA’s journey has only just begun. Together, we have achieved so
much, but we have even more to show the world. VCHA is a group striving for
the stars, and we want to share our story with you, so it would be amazing if
you’d like to come along on this journey with us.

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