The Maddens are back for a new season of supervillain challenges, secrets and surprises! The Villains of Valley View season 2 has a lot more “fun,” in store, the cast teased to J-14 exclusively in the magazine’s July 2023 issue.

In the first scene of the show’s second season, “we pick up on the aftermath of our season 1 finale when Havoc is elected leader of all villains,” actor Reed Horstmann (Jake/Chaos) shared with J-14. “The Maddens are sitting down to think about where their hearts lie: Do they stay in Valley View to live normal lives or do they embrace villainy?”

The Villains of Valley View premiered on Disney Channel in June 2022, and became a fan-favorite series as viewers watched the Madden family attempt to live a normal life in a small Texas town amid their villainous tendencies. In August 2022, the show was renewed for a second season.

While in hiding, Isabella Pappas‘ character Amy/Havoc befriends their neighbor, Hartley, played by Kayden Muller-Janssen. Just because she isn’t a supervillain doesn’t mean Hartley misses out on the adventures!

Kayden teased one “fun” episode to J-14 saying that “Hartley, Amy and Jake discover an out-of-this-world creature and have to find a way to capture it.”

Causing Havoc! 'The Villains of Valley View' Stars Tease 'Fun' Season 2

Naturally, Jake is in for a mess when the monster appears in Valley View!

“I gotta admit, once they told me I was going to be slimed in this [one] scene, I was excited,” Reed recalled. “However, it wasn’t very pleasant. Slime gets cold really fast.”

At one point, though, Amy is forced to make a tough decision.

“Amy was having to choose between her family, and something that she feels will complete her journey as a villain,” Isabella revealed. “It’s not easy, as she feels trapped between making her family happy and making herself happy.”

Of course, Malachi Barton is back as Colby/Flashform to bring more mischief into the mix.

“Let’s just say Colby has a few more tricks up his sleeves that can really cause some chaos,” he teased. Isabella added, “Malachi is like my real little brother, so filming with him is always a lot of laughing and throwing stuff at each other!”

The Villains of Valley View season 2 premieres on Disney Channel Thursday, June 15, at 8 p.m. ET.

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