The cast of Disney Channel’s Under Wraps can’t get over the fact that they’re part of a historic remake!

Malachi BartonChristian J. Simon, Sophia Hammons and Phil Wright are starring in the modern-day version of the 1997 Disney Channel Original Movie of the same name, which is set to premiere on Friday, October 1. Also the network’s first-ever original movie, the Halloween-themed flick told the story of three friends who accidentally resurrect an Egyptian mummy from the dead. This time around, Malachi, Christian and Sophia — as Marshall, Gilbert and Amy, respectively — are on a mission to return a mummy (named Harold) to his final resting place after they find him in their neighbor’s basement.

The 'Under Wraps' Cast Gushes Over the 'Honor' of Remaking Disney Channel's 1st Original Movie
Disney/David Bukach

“It’s an honor to be a part of the first remake of the first Disney Channel Original Movie,” Sophia, 14, tells J-14 exclusively ahead of the premiere. “It feels really fun to be part of Disney Channel history. I grew up watching Disney Channel and DCOMs, and to be in one myself is incredible.”

Before nabbing their roles, the cast had never seen the OG version of the movie. That being said, once all the stars arrived in Canada for filming, they watched it together.

“We were really just trying to figure out how we can put our own twist and add our little things in there, but still stay true to the storyline,” Christian, 13, says. “I think we did a great job. I’m so happy for everybody to see the movie.”

Phil, for his part, had a lot more work on his hands while playing a real-life mummy.

“It took about an hour to get in and a half hour to get out of the costume. The process was pretty extensive,” the 34-year-old shares. “But my most favorite part about being Harold is that I got to chance to implement some dance moves into the movie and really got to be myself without dialogue — goofy, fun, lovable, scary at times, but lovable again. It was really great.”

Malachi, 14, adds, “Over time, I think [the kids] realize that he’s a nice mummy. So, they want to help him because they know that he’s not mean, and they want to help him return to his sarcophagus before midnight on Halloween so that he doesn’t turn to dust.”

While Under Wraps is, of course, a fun Halloween movie, it also shares some important lessons.

Under Wraps teaches the importance of friendship and how important it is to have a good team, a good support system,” Sophia explains. “Because you just need a good little circle, a good group of friends in your life to get you through tough times, but also just to get you through life in general. And everything’s more fun with friends.”

Under Wraps premieres via Disney Channel on Friday, October 1, at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. 

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