Get ready for a major walk down memory lane! Over the years, Disney Channel has kicked off the careers of some pretty major stars with their original movies — like the entire High School Musical cast — but others stepped out of the spotlight after their flicks premiered on the network in the early 2000s.

Now, pretty notable cast members from throwback films like The Thirteenth Year, Motocrossed, Ally Cats Strike, Brink!, Halloweentown, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and more are all grown up! Many of these celebs — who viewers may remember as little kids — are now well into adulthood with families of their own.

Kimberly J. Brown, for one, played Marnie in the Halloweentown movies and is now madly in love with her former costars Daniel Kountz.

“We first met 20 years ago filming a movie together where our characters flirted a little bit in the beginning but then I found out he was my family’s arch-nemesis and basically hated him for the rest of the movie,” the actress said in a June 2021 TikTok video. “In real life, we had no romantic feelings for each other at all while we were working together and then didn’t see or talk to each other for at least a good 10 years or so. Then [we] reconnected a few years ago to film some comedy sketches for my YouTube channel and unexpectedly fell in love. So, it’s funny how life surprises you sometimes, isn’t it?”

The couple even spoke to E! News in October 2021 about bringing their characters back in another movie.

“I think there’s a ton of possibilities if they ever decided to go down that road again,” Kimberly shared. “Marnie could be doing something in Halloweentown, either training the next generation or running for mayor. Marnie always liked to push the town and push people forward and come up with new ideas. I always loved that about her. She was so adventurous and courageous.”

Daniel added, “[I] definitely want to come back and get his revenge, because so many fans have pointed out over the years it was kind of open-ended the way he flew off in a bout of baddie rage.”

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