Cetus-lupeedus! The cast of Disney Channel’s iconic original movie Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century just reunited after 21 years, and dished on the possibility of another movie. Okay, we’re SO here for this!

Yep, that’s right, Kirsten Storms (who played Zenon), Gregory Smith (who played Greg) and Philip Rhys (who played Proto Zoa) got together for a pretty epic Zoom call on Thursday, June 15 (thanks to People), and they spilled some serious tea about the movie. But that’s not all, the three stars also answered the age old question — would they be down for a new film? And the answer was yes!

“There’s definitely something there,” Phillip said, after joking about needing “six months” to get back into Proto Zoa’s leather pants. “There’s a reason why it connected with so many. The story, the sensibility, it was this universal tale.”

Kirsten added, “I would be down for something like that. I think they’re rebooting a lot of the OG Disney stories, so I think that would be fun.”

Um, yes, it would be SO fun, especially for fans of the original three films!

But that’s not all! Zenon herself revealed that she recently showed the film to her six-year-old daughter, Harper Rose, for the first time — thanks to Disney+.

“Obviously, she was a little young to understand the storyline, but she was really excited to see me on TV, because she’d not seen me in anything before,” the 36-year-old said. “We did clear up some confusion about the fact that I wasn’t really Zenon in real life. She thought when I left her, I went to be Zenon.”

The actress, who went on to star in the soap opera General Hospital since 2005, said she still gets recognized as Zenon when she’s out and about.

“I get recognized more for Zenon than I do from General Hospital, still. But I think it’s funny, I get asked to say ‘cetus-lupeedus’ all the time, and I just go with it,” Kirsten gushed. “I love that this movie stuck around for so long. And now people are playing it for their kids, which I think is really cool.”

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