Disney Channel series Sydney to the Max might have just aired the premiere episode of its second season last month, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Season 3! Yep, that’s right, back in November 2019, the fan-favorite, coming-of-age show was renewed for an upcoming third season and, as the cast said, “it’s amazing.” As of right now, there’s no telling exactly what’s in store for the gang once the third season hits the airwaves, but that doesn’t mean the cast doesn’t have some ideas. Two of the show’s stars — Ava Kolker and Christian J. Simon — recently told J-14 exclusively what they hope to see their characters, Olive and Leo, do next.

“I want to see a llama. I really want them to bring a llama on set because Olive, my character, is obsessed with llamas and I just, I want her to like have a surprise party and I want there to be a llama. I’ve always wanted that,” the 13-year-old actress dished. “Yeah, I think it’d be a Llama. I want that really bad. That’s definitely what I would love to see happen. And I’ve mentioned it to the producers and the creator. I was like, ‘Is there any way we can incorporate a llama in Season 3?’ Because that would just be amazing.”

All animals aside, Christian said he hoped for more of a musical aspect in the show.

“You know, there’s so many things you could see Leo do. He’s a very talented kid,” the 12-year-old actor gushed. “He could dance and I would like to see [that] a little bit, maybe have a musical episode. That would be fun. I would love to do something like that.”

Previously, we also caught up with their costar Ruth Righi, who hoped for more scenes with her character, Sydney, taking a trip back in time.

“It would be really cool to do another scene where I would get to be with the boys in the ‘90s because that was just such a cool experience to be in that time. I loved the fashion and crazy patterns, so I feel like that could be really cool,” the Disney Channel star said.

As fans know, during the show’s first season, Ruth’s character Sydney headed to the ’90s in a dream during the episode titled, “Nightmare on Syd Street.” The 14-year-old also revealed that this was her favorite scene to film, so it’s no surprise that she’d love if time travel became an upcoming storyline.

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