The second season of Sydney to the Max premiered on Disney Channel on March 23, and fans are already obsessed! According to the show’s star, Ruth Righi, there’s a lot more that viewers can expect to see as new episodes premiere every Friday night at 8:00 P.M. EST/PST.

Yep, that’s right, J-14 got the chance to chat with the actress and not only did she tease some epic, still-to-come Season 2 storylines, but spilled some major tea on what goes down with the cast when the cameras aren’t rolling! From the sound of it, these stars are total BFFs on and off screen and, Ruth said, these upcoming episodes are ones you won’t want to miss!

J-14: What can fans expect to see during the rest of Season 2?

Ruth Righi: This season, that already started airing, is really special because it addresses a lot of topics that I think are really important and should be normalized, but are not often talked about with kids on TV, but it stuff that all kids go through. There’s a lot of talk about environmental awareness, which is good. Also, stuff that kids have to deal with when growing up, like their bodies are changing, that’s sometimes not talked about, which is talked about in the show. One of the Four Amigas has an attention disorder and we talk about a lot of cool stuff like that. It’s really exciting.

J-14: What was the audition process like for Sydney to the Max?

Ruth: I had just finished doing School of Rock on Broadway in New York City and I had a self-tape. I didn’t really think much of it…and it was my first audition for a Disney Channel series, so I was really excited about it. After that, I got a callback, but I was living back home in Northern California so I did a Skype producers call and then they flew me out for the final callback.

J-14: Do you remember the moment you found out you got the role?

Ruth: The way I found out was really special. My family took me down to the beach and they’re like ‘what do you see?’ and I look down and they had drawn a little Micky [Mouse] in the sand that said ‘Congratulations,’ it was really adorable. It was really exciting and of course, like anyone, I was super excited.

J-14: Can you share any fun behind-the-scenes memories or stories from on set?

Ruth: I think a lot of times during rehearsals, Ava and I will, if there’s any break at all, we’ll just burst into song and blast music and just dance around. We have so many fun little dance parties. There’s a lot of bloopers that people don’t get to see. There was one scene where Ian, he and I were doing a scene and we decided to do a take where it was 20 years in the future, so he was pretending to be a super old guy and I was pretending to be this really crazy girl in her 30s, just living it up. It was really fun.

J-14: Who messes up their lines the most during a scene?

Ruth: I think everyone does because the lines change every night for us, so we work hard to get all of our lines in. But it’s usually funny when we mess up because you can’t take it seriously. If you get in your head about it, then the whole scene gets messed up. You just have to laugh it off and keep going.

J-14: Do you and Ava Kolker get along when cameras stop rolling?

Ruth: Yes, we’re with each other every day, so we spend a lot of time together. We’ll have lunch together. We do a lot of TikTok dances together. We sing and try to have sleepovers whenever we can, so we hang out a lot.

J-14: What’s it like working with Ian Reed Kesler and Caroline Rhea, who play your dad and grandma in the show?

Ruth: It’s really helpful, especially when I first started with the show, I had never done any TV or movies or anything like that before, so I was really new to that whole experience. Caroline and Ian have really helped me to figure out what it’s like being on set and have given me a lot of tips and just helped guide me through this whole experience.

J-14: What’s been your favorite part about playing Sydney?

Ruth: My favorite part about playing Sydney is probably that we’re both girls around the same age, going through the same things. So, just seeing how she deals with things. I think it’s really cool to be someone else that’s so different yet so similar.

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