Remember Joana Ceddia? The social media star skyrocketed to YouTube fame in 2018, positing daily videos of herself painting, cooking and her workout routines. Often referred to as the “next Emma Chamberlain,” due to her charming and quirky personality, Joana shook the internet after she suddenly deleted her YouTube channel and Instagram account on October 30, 2021. Keep reading to find out why, what she’s up to now and more.

Who Is Joana Ceddia?

Joana was born on June 21, 2001, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her mother is Denilce Campos, a former professional gymnast who represented Brazil at the South American Artistic Gymnastics Championships, winning gold in 1980 and 1982. Her father, Rolando Ceddia, is currently an associate professor at the School of Kinesiology & Health Science at York University. In Joana’s old YouTube videos, she often posted clips of her parents.

The YouTube star was involved in competitive school swimming throughout high school and often shared clips of her day-to-day swimming practices on YouTube. However, after suffering an injury that prevented her from pursuing a career in competitive running, she created her YouTube channel in 2018. There, she instantly became a sensation and gained nearly two million subscribers within several months.

Why Did Joana Ceddia Quit YouTube?

While it’s still currently unknown why Joana quit social media, the former swimmer shared some concerning details about her health prior to her abrupt YouTube farewell in 2021. Joana revealed that she was suffering from Topical Steroid Withdrawal after ceasing her eczema treatment in a video titled “The Absolute State of Affairs” in 2021. Due to this, she was left with debilitating eczema that led her to quit school as it left her unable to partake in daily life.

On top of that, she revealed some of her concerns over social media during an interview with The Washington Post in 2019.

“To put yourself out on the Internet takes a lot of courage,” Joana said. “You have to be careful with what you’re putting out there, because people can twist it.”

“When the fans get involved, they almost blame you for the choices you make,” she added. “If they disagree with you, they take personal offense to it. That can be really detrimental to your sanity.”

What Is Joana Ceddia Doing Now?

Joana currently resides in Toronto and attends college, where she told the Post she would be studying physics and astronomy. She didn’t clarify where.

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