Sarah J. Maas has become one of the most popular authors in the world. The romantasy author has three popular series that have spiked in popularity over the years, including Throne of Glass, A Court of Thorns and Roses and Crescent City. With Crescent City 3 most recently dropping in January 2024, the author has revealed she’s working on her next big project. So, what universe will her next book be in?

What Is Sarah J. Maas Working on After ‘Crescent City 3’?

When Sarah’s publishers at Bloomsbury announced the third Crescent City book, titled House of Flame and Shadow, in 2023, they also revealed that the author signed a new four-book deal in addition to three others she already had under contract. That means we seven books from Sarah coming to us in the next few years.

The next book she plans to publish after House of Flame and Shadow will be set in the A Court of Thorns and Roses, a.k.a. ACOTAR, universe, she told TODAY in January 2024.

“I’m very, very excited about that one,” the writer said at the time. “I know much more about what’s happening in this one. And then the next book in that series, I have the ideas and general, vague thoughts. But the nitty gritty of writing and the emotional journeys with the characters — I usually love to go on those journeys with them.”

house of flame and shadow
Instagram/Sarah J. Maas

She has yet to confirm which character of the ACOTAR universe the book will follow, as she’s known to switch up the main character’s of her books.

As for when this next novel will be released, looking at her previous releases, we can guess it’ll be a year or two since she just dropped CC3.

Will There Be a ‘Crescent City 4’?

The New York Times best-selling author confirmed to TODAY that a fourth Crescent City book is indeed happening.

“You will have to wait a bit,” she said. “On the airport taxiing line, it’s a little down, but I know who the book’s about. I know the big ideas of what I want to happen.”

“But yes, Crescent City will go on,” she said in a previous 2022 interview. “I have separation anxiety, obviously. ACOTAR was meant to be three books but now it’s ongoing. Throne of Glass is technically ended but … is it?”

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