Sarah J. Maas‘ books have become BookTok‘s no. 1 obsession — from her popular series A Court of Thorns and Roses to Throne of Glass and now, Crescent City! With the third CC book coming out in January 2024, fans are dying to know … will there be a Crescent City 4?

Keep reading for everything we know about a fourth Crescent City book.

Will There Be a ‘Crescent City 4’?

Maas revealed in a 2022 interview that she was “under contract for three Crescent City books” but hinted there may be a fourth installment in the works!

“I will say there are like four houses [in the books] so if each book is named after a house … we’ll see,” she teased. “It’s like that ACOTAR feeling where you know the first three books are Bryce and Hunt’s story — but then there a few characters walking by and we could just follow them through.”

Teasing of a possible Crescent City character to revolve around a fourth book, Maas said she has “an idea” in her head but is “waiting” to see before committing.

“But yes, Crescent City will go on,” she declared. “I have separation anxiety, obviously. ACOTAR was meant to be three books but now it’s ongoing. Throne of Glass is technically ended but … is it?”

When Does ‘Crescent City 3’ Come Out?

The House of Flame and Shadow was released on January 30, 2024, and serves as the third book within the Crescent City series. The books follow a half-fae, half-mortal girl named Bryce Quinlan, who lives on the planet of Midgard.

If you haven’t read Crescent City 2 yet, huge spoiler warning ahead — please click out of this article now if you don’t want to ruin it for yourself (seriously, stop reading).

(We said stop!)

At the end of House of Sky and Breath, Bryce finds herself in Prythian, a.k.a. the continent where Maas’ highly popular series A Court of Thorns and Roses is set. After she opens a portal to escape the evil Asteri, the leaders of Midgard, she accidentally ends up in Prythian while Hunt Athalar, her partner, and her brother, Ruhn Danaan, are left behind and taken prisoner by the Asteri.

House of Flame and Shadow will start off right where the second book left off, while Bryce is introduced to the characters from ACOTAR, including Feyre and her mate Rhysand, according to Bloomsbury.

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