Surviving Summer is the teen drama surfing show we didn’t know we were missing! The Netflix series already has two seasons under its belt, and fans can’t get enough of the show’s setting, a scenic beach town in Australia called Shorehaven. That being said, we *had* to figure out where the show was actually filmed. Keep reading to uncover where they shot Surviving Summer.

Where Is ‘Surviving Summer’ Filmed?

Surviving Summer seasons 1 and 2 were filmed in and around the town of Anglesea in Victoria, Australia, according to Netflix Life. Some of the beaches where scenes were shot include Anglesea, Bells Beach, Jan Juc Beach and Anglesea’s Point Roadknight Beach, according to Ausfilm.

ICYMI, Surviving Summer follows a rebellious teen named Summer Torres (played by Raven’s Home actress Sky Katz), who is sent to live with family friends in a surf-obsessed town in Australia after being expelled from an American private school. The rest of the cast includes Kai LewinsLilliana BowreyJoao Gabriel Marinho, Savannah La RainAnnabel WolfeJosh MacqueenOlympia Valance, among others.

Since season 1 dropped in June 2022, fans can’t get enough of it! It’s giving Australian Outer Banks, but replace the treasure hunting plot with surfing. Season 2 was released in September 2023, and it only keeps getting better. After returning home to New York at the end of the first season, Summer realizes she had a newfound love for surfing and decides to perfect her surfing skills at Rockaway Beach before returning to Australia one year later.

During an interview with Celebrity Nine in June 2022, Sky explained that the “girls are the stars of the show” in the Netflix show, which was something that was really important to her.

“Surfing is such a male-dominated sport, as most are,” she explained. “So I love how normalized the [sense of female talent] is in the show — because yes,  Ari [the male lead] is a talented surfer in the show, but Poppy [female character] is just as good. They all have their own personal struggles and battles, of course, but I love that they’re all equal when it comes to competition.”

Is Shorehaven In ‘Surviving Summer’ a Real Place?

We regret to inform you that Shorehaven is not a real town in Australia, as the Netflix writer and creators made it up. However, if you’re determined to visit, try one of the show’s filming locations as mentioned above!

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