If you’ve watched season 2 of Surviving Summer, you probably have one question, and one question only — Who is that pink-haired surfer?! The actor behind the complicated “bad boy” with a heart of gold is Josh Macqueen, and the Australian actor is pretty new to the acting game! Keep reading for everything we know about Josh.

Who Plays Baxter In ‘Surviving Summer’?

Josh, 22, plays Baxter Radic in Surviving Summer, a character that is introduced in season 2 of the show, which premiered in September 2023.

ICYMI, season 1 of Surviving Summer follows a troubled teenager named Summer Torres (played by Raven’s Home actress Sky Katz), who is sent to live in a surf-obsessed town in Australia after being expelled from an American private school. There, she meets the local teen surfers and quickly starts up friendships, relationships and trouble.

Season 2 of the show begins with Summer returning to Australia after living in New York for one year. After practicing her surfing for only one year, she seems to be able to keep up with her old surfing friends, and joins the state team with the rest of the group, which includes Ari (Kai Lewins), Poppy (Lilliana Bowrey), Bodhi (Savannah La Rain), Marlon (Joao Gabriel Marinho) and new character Wren (Annabel Wolfe) and Baxter.

Baxter, who also goes by Bax, is a “bad boy” with a heart of gold, who quickly starts to catch feelings for Summer, who is still not quite over Ari. Enter: a love triangle. What’s even more, Bax is the brother of Wren, Ari’s new girlfriend and the state surf team’s captain, who has it out for Summer.

Since the show’s second season premiered, people can’t get enough of Baxter’s character, creating fan edits and posting them on TikTok and YouTube. One fan posted to X, “BRO IM SO IN LOVE WITH BAXTER FROM SURVIVING SUMMER.” While another wrote, “Watched Surviving Summer season 2, and I definitely ship Summer and Bax together. 100% something there, the looks between them, especially from Bax! Yesssss pleaseeeee!”

Who Is Josh Macqueen?

Outside of Surviving Summer, the Australian actor has starred in a few other shows including Black Snow, Significant Others and Erotic Stories.  He graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) in 2021 where he studied stage and screen performance.

Josh was born in Sydney, Australia on May 22, 2001, making him a Gemini.

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