Stranger Things is finally returning with season 4 on May 27! It’s been three years, so you might not remember exactly how your characters fared at the end of season 3 — but don’t worry, J-14 has you covered!

The storyline of season 4 picks up six months after the Battle of Starcourt, with the defeat of very scary monster, The Mind Flayer. Hopper is presumed dead, Billie sacrificed himself to save the gang and Eleven has lost her powers. In summary: it’s not looking too good.

“Joyce and Byers family have left at the end of season 3,” said Matt Duffer, co-creator of the show in an interview with Deadline. “They are in California – we’ve always wanted to have that like ‘E.T’.-esque suburb aesthetic, which we finally got to do this year in the desert; and then we have Hopper in Russia; and then of course we have a group remaining in Hawkins. So we have these three storylines, are all connected and kind of interwoven together, but it’s just very different tones.”

The brothers revealed that at long last, viewers will finally get clarity about the supernatural happenings that have been plaguing the town of Hawkins since the show’s beginning. “Back when we did season 1, Netflix just kept going ‘Can you explain all this mythology to us?’“ said Ross Duffer.

“So we wrote this giant 20-page document, which talked about everything in terms of what was going on and what exactly the Upside Down was. And then each season we’re just sort of peeling back the layers of that onion, so to speak. But this season, we really wanted to really get into it and [revealing] some of those answers. But to do that properly, we needed time, so it just became bigger and bigger.”

We’re so excited to see what is next in store for Stranger ThingsScroll through our gallery for a refresher on how your favorite characters fared in season 3 to prepare for season 4.

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