It’s 2022, and we’re still trying to figure out who ‘A’ is! Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, PLL reboot, premiered on July 28, 2022, and fans are already putting their detective hats back on to figure out who the newest villAin is in town. Keep reading to hear some fan theories on who ‘A’ could be this time around. Warning: spoilers ahead.

Who Died in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin So Far?

We must rule out the obvious ‘A’s: the deceased. PLL: Original Sin has already killed off three characters in just the first three episodes! We witness a gruesome death in the first few minutes of a young high school girl named Angela Water (played by Gabriella Pizzolo from Stranger Things) at a party in 1999. Viewers don’t even get a break from the horrific death, because a few minutes later, we flash forward to the present to witness yet another. Imogen (played by Bailee Madison) discovers her mother dead in a bathtub, just minutes after speaking with her at dinner.

Fast forward to the end of episode 2, the liars witness Karen Beasley fall to her death at a high school dance. Throughout these horrific events, the audience gets a glimpse of the newest ‘A,’ a tall, large and overall frightening figure who wears an equally frightening mask. He or she is relentless: stalking the little liars all while threatening their lives and killing their loved ones. So, who is this figure?

Who Is ‘A’ in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin?

Fans are already speculating ‘A’ as a few suspects. One theory involves Sheriff Beasley, as he seems to have a vendetta against our five little liars after his daughter’s death. He’s a corrupted sheriff with an obvious drinking problem who looks like he would be of the vengeful sort, all qualities that resemble our ‘A.’ Another theory revolves around Kelly Beasley, who was constantly living in the shadows of her twin sister before her untimely demise. Could she have planned for someone to do her dirty work? Or is Kelly the twin that died, and Karen is pretending to be her twin sister for revenge?

Of course, ‘A’ is a reference to high schooler Angela Waters, but could ‘A’ really be the teenager who supposedly died in 1999? Or maybe it’s a loved one of Angela’s [that]**WHO** we have not been introduced to yet?

Many fans on Twitter have speculated that ‘A’ is multiple culprits rather than just one. “A was still up in the rafters with gloves on when the Liars got the A text so there’s definitely an A team who was at the dance as well, in the crowd,” wrote @AngelaWaters on Twitter. One user responded to that Tweet with a theory of their own. “My theory: Angela had a son, [who’s]**WHOSE*** father will be revealed to be Sheriff Beasley. Kelly is the brains behind the operations, but the brawn is her half brother.”

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin premieres new episodes every Thursday on HBO Max.

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