You really never know what Jake Paul and Team 10 is going to do next whether it be a crazy prank, a wild vacation trip or a controversial addition to their squad. This week, it's the latter. Jake posted a photo on his Instagram with a 6-year-old boy named Ben Hampton. Currently, Ben has 738,000 followers on Instagram and for a first grader, that's pretty insane. Because of his social media presence, he is now officially part of Team 10, which means he's only going to become an even bigger influencer than he already is. The craziest part about all of this is that Ben doesn't even post to his own Instagram – that job is for his parents.

Jake shared this photo with the caption, "Ben, You Might Only Be 6 Years Old & The Sign Might Be Bigger Than You.. But WELCOME To The Team 10 Family buddy☺️??@benhampton (p.s next time you want something from me, pls just ask instead of hacking my account?) #Team10."

So, you might be wondering the same thing we were, how in the world does a 6-year-old fit in with Jake and his crew? They are known to do some pretty ridiculous things that could honestly be dangerous for someone so young. But, it was actually Ben's dad who started this whole thing and got the connection going with Team 10. The Daily Beast is reporting that his dad, Brenden Hampton, is a social media guru who has built some of the biggest brands on Twitter – some surpassing 5 million followers. So, he knows what he's doing to say the least.

Brenden and his wife started Ben's account just about a year ago after his graduation from kindergarten. Yes, kindergarten. Since then, he has gained thousands of fans and recently learned how to write his initials so he can scribble them for people who religiously follow him online. But, this isn't Ben's first rodeo with the Team 10 crew. He has dozens of pictures with many members of the group in recent weeks including Erika Costell, Tessa Brooks, the Martinez Twins, Chance Sutton and Logan Paul. It's unclear what Ben plans on doing with Team 10 and how much he's going to be hanging out with them considering he still goes to regular school a few hours away from Los Angeles.

But, we will definitely start to see more of him if you haven't begun to notice his growing social media presence already. But, his dad can't reiterate the fact enough that Ben is treated like a normal kid. He explained, "We parent Ben the same way we parented our other two kids,” Hampton said. “If he’s not following directions or being rude to people, he’s going to get in trouble, it doesn’t matter if he’s an influencer or not. Having followers doesn’t change how much phone time he gets, it doesn’t change his bedtime, he doesn’t get an allowance, there’s no special purchases, and he doesn’t get any special treatment aside from some travel opportunities."

With Jake and Team 10's new addition, it will definitely bring a new dynamic to the group. He already seems to have the same sort of mentality and personality as his few crew members that are over three times his age. He's already even stolen cheek kisses from Erika and Tessa, which actually confirm just how alike he and Jake really are. But, jokes aside, Ben's involvement with Team 10 will bring in new fans and ultimately drive even more youngsters to try and become social media famous.

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