Started from the bottom now she’s here! Bobbi Althoff started off on TikTok making influencer content, and is now interviewing the biggest names in Hollywood on her podcast, including Drake and Tyga. Keep reading to learn more about Bobbi. 

Who Is Bobbi Althoff?

Bobbi, 26, first began posting videos on TikTok in 2021, which focused on content surrounding her children and her pregnancy experiences. However, she has since skyrocketed to fame for her hilariously awkward interviews hosting “The Really Good Podcast.”

So far, Bobbi has interviewed huge celebrity names like Drake, Lil Yachty, Marc Cuban, Tyga and Offset. The podcast host is known for her dry humor and making her guests exceedingly uncomfortable. She spoke about her podcast’s concept during an interview with Cosmopolitan in August 2023.

“There’s no prep, and that’s the fun of it,” she explained. “I think that’s why celebrities are down to do it. They know it’s a character, and we just wing it. It’s not a real interview. I’m not trying to get hard-hitting information about you — I’m not trying to uncover anything. It’s just a conversation. It’s really a parody of a good interview.”

As for her dream interviewee?

“I love Post Malone. I would love to interview him. I saw him in a Buffalo Wild Wings back in the day,” she shared. “He just walked in with his entourage and I remember thinking, ‘Oh my god, he’s so normal. Why is he walking to Buffalo Wild Wings?’ I just love him. And then Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf. He went to the same high school as me.”

Who Is Bobbi Althoff’s Husband?

Bobbi is a married woman! Her husband is Cory Althoff, who works as a programmer and is the senior vice president at CompTIA, according to his LinkedIn. During Bobbi’s interview with Cosmo, she explained that she prefers to keep her relationship private and doesn’t normally post him on social media.

The couple share two children together, who Bobbi refers to as “Concrete” and “Richard” in order keep their names and identities private.  While Bobbi sometimes posted videos of her children online prior to making her podcast, she explained on the “BFFs Podcast” in August 2023 why she has since deleted them.

“I’m so happy I [deleted the videos], especially since I made that decision before [the podcast] because I don’t want them to have the digital footprint that I’ve created,” she told the host. “Now when they go public and they’re not with me, I don’t have to worry so that’s good.”

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