With all of the Selena Gomez news – between her rekindled love with Justin Bieber and the new spat with her mother Mandy Teefey over the whole thing – we decided to dig a bit deeper into her family life. More specifically, we wanted to look at her family members, what kind of impact they have on Selena and how that has affected her life up until now. Like, who is Brian Teefey? For starters, he is a man that has been in Selena’s life for over a decade. He’s married to her mom and has actually managed her career at one point. The editors here at J-14 decided to dive into Brian’s life and give you all the details you need to know. Even though he isn’t Selena’s real dad, he has been a father figure in her life for a long time now.

Who is Brian Teefey?

Brian married Selena’s mom, Mandy, back in 2006. In 2013, Brian and Mandy welcomed a baby girl together and her name is Gracie. Just recently, Mandy paid tribute to another daughter that she was supposed to give birth to with Brian. Her name was Scarlett, but Mandy had a miscarriage before the baby was born. Brian and Mandy used to manage Selena back during her Disney Channel days under their company, LH7 Management. However, Selena parted ways with Brian and Mandy professionally in 2014. The couple still runs the company with clients including Seaforth, Katy Tiz, Sophie Simmons, Harper Grace and Bruce Wiegner.

Mandy spoke with TMZ about Selena’s decision to fire her and Brian and said they, “thought last month’s conversation [about going with new management] was just talk.” They had no idea “she was absolutely sure she wanted to move in a different direction” until a story broke about it which when they had the talk. (Not really a great way to find out you’re getting fired by your daughter.)


Did Brian Teefey manage Christina Grimmie?

Yes! Brian actually was the one who set up a GoFundMe page for Christina Grimmie’s family shortly after her tragic death. He paid tribute to the singer by writing the message, “Words cannot begin to describe the pain I am feeling. I learned this business through the eyes of a father and Christina was like a second daughter to me. All I wanted to do was assist her in achieving her musical dreams while protecting her from the pitfalls associated with the business. I never could have imagined this horrific event being one of the pitfalls needing to be avoided. As family Mother, Father, and Brother made the ultimate family sacrifice to support Christina on her musical journey,” he wrote. “They did nothing but love her and support her as family the best they knew how, the only worry I want them to have at this point is that of recovery. Grimms I love you, and miss you beyond comprehension.”

The page has since been taken down, but he reportedly helped raise over $100,000 for Christina’s family. For those of you who don’t exactly remember what happened, Christina was shot and killed at a meet and greet after her concert in Orlando, Florida in 2016.

Selena performed at Hillsong Worship’s Transfiguration in Christina’s honor and said, “When she was 14, we met her and my parents and I signed her. One thing about Christina and her family is that she holds her faith so closely to her. And I think it’s not about a religion and it’s not about anything or good deeds. It’s just that she had faith, and I don’t really understand how this really happened, but I would like to dedicate this next song to her.” Christina had a huge impact on Selena as well as Brian.


Does Brian Teefey have an Instagram?

Well, yes and no. He doesn’t have a personal Instagram that is public however it seems like he uses his management company’s page as his own. You can find out more about his life on Instagram with the handle, lh7management. Selena’s best friend and kidney donor, Francia Raisa, made an appearance on Brian’s gram on October 5th, so obviously, he’s not only super close to Selena but her friends as well.

Where Is Brian Teefey from?

He is reportedly from Detriot, Michigan, however, he now lives in Los Angeles with Mandy and their daughter Gracie. According to his Facebook page, Brian and Mandy also own four dogs. Seriously, they are the cutest.

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