Quenlin Blackwell has been around forever — the influencer got her start on Vine, quickly gained fame on TikTok and has been spotted with maybe every young famous person, ever. Currently, she’s been seen out with Billie Eilish and Odessa A’Zion, and the trio shared multiple kisses during Coachella in April 2024. Keep reading to learn more about Quen.

How Did Quenlin Blackwell Get Famous?

Quen, 23, got her start on Vine before the app went defunct in 2017. Now, she’s a well-known YouTuber and TikTok star who is best known for her comedy videos, which you’ve probably seen or at least heard of before — even without realizing it.

Along with that, the Dallas-born star also walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week, and launched a fashion collection called RIQUERA at the end of last year. “After A DECADE…..my clothing brand is finally here. RIQUERA COLLECTION ONE LIVE NOW,” she said at the time.

“A new chapter and a new canvas for my creativity. I have never made something of my own, I have always been an ad for other people to to create something with every shred of creativity in my body (expect the comedy shred) has been one of the most important things i’ve ever done. Crafting this line was like exploring a new planet in my creative universe, and I’m thrilled for you to be part of this transition. Here’s to the first of many; this is just the beginning! XOXO QUEN “

What Happened Between Quenlin Blackwell and Billie Eilish?

The pair were spotted kissing at Coachella in April 2024, after multiple gossip sites on X and TikTok shared videos of Billie approaching Quenlin while the pair were dancing at the festival, held onto her mouth, and kissed her. Quen, the nine-time Grammy winner and Odessa appeared to have stayed close together throughout the festival as they grinded the night away, per another video.

ICYMI, Billie made a surprise appearance at Coachella on Friday and teased a new single, singing, “I can eat that girl for lunch if she dances one more time / Looks like she might be the one.”

Since the videos spread, fans are convinced that Billie’s latest track could be about Quen or Odessa — either way, it looks like the trio are having a lot of fun and we love that for them.

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