Term 2 is almost in session! The second season of Heartbreak High is set to hit Netflix in April 2024, and we can’t wait to see what mayhem the students of Hartley High will get into this time around. Starring Ayesha Madon, Chloé Hayden and Josh Heuston, the Australian series made waves with Gen Z audiences when season one was released in 2022. This year, a new student is introduced: Rowan Callaghan, played by Sam Rechner.

Keep reading to learn more about Sam and his Heartbreak High character.

Who Is Sam Rechner?

Sam, 22, is best known for starring in Steven Spielberg‘s 2022 autobiographical movie The Fabelmans, which served as Sam’s very first acting role, ever. Before he starred in the movie, Sam was on his way to be a professional rugby player — until a devastating injury thath led to him watching a lot of movies on the couch.

“Films and TV, they were kind of my only friend at that time, as clichéd and pathetic as that may sound,” Sam told GQ in December 2023. Fast forward, and he was on a Zoom audition for The Fabelmans.

While he was incredibly new to the acting world, he did have one connection in the Hollywood: his mom Annette is childhood best friends with Nicole Kidman — the pair grew up next door to each other.

“Nicole didn’t know I wanted to be an actor,” Sam revealed to the outlet. “When I booked that role in The Fabelmans … she was kind of confused, and then she was like, ‘As soon as you get to LA, let us know how we can look after you’.”

He views her as “another mother figure,” and has definitely stuck to her promise of looking out for him. “I’ve been very fortunate to be in a position to learn from her and just observe how she goes about her career and about her life.”

Who Will He Play In ‘Heartbreak High’ Season 2?

Sam will be playing the character of Rowan, a witty, no-nonsense country boy that will seemingly play another love interest for Ayesha’s character, Amerie.

The second season of Heartbreak High is set to hit Netflix on April 11, 2024.

Season 2 is as follows:

“All our heroes are back for Term Two at the ‘lowest ranking school in the district.’ But fresh hotties, a new sports teacher and a mystery assailant, throw any hopes for a peaceful term into disarray, while the race for school captain is seeing dirty tactics run rife through Hartley High. Yep… It’s Term 2 bitches, and it’s more chaotic than ever,” according to Netflix.

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