It's been over six years since the world was introduced to Abby Lee Miller and her young dancers at the Abby Lee Dance Company on the hit Lifetime series, Dance Moms. Between Maddie Ziegler – the show's star – moving on to become one of Hollywood's most famous dancers to Nia Sioux announcing her departure just last week, Dance Moms hasn't lacked the drama. Over the course of the show, there have been several cast members that have decided to ditch. Some have come back and some haven't.

Recently, rumors have been floating around that the show is canceled and the final episode of the series will air on October 31, 2017. For viewers (and anyone who hasn't lived under a rock in the past year) knows, Abby Lee is serving time behind bars. Obviously, that means she wouldn't be on the show and Cheryl Burke came in to replace her. Well, that may not have been the best idea for ratings.

Because of the new buzz, we decided to look back and see which members are out of the Dance Moms family at the moment. These people have confirmed that they are dunzo with the show for various reasons.

Why did Maddie Ziegler leave Dance Moms?

maddie ziegler

Maddie said, "I just didn't want to deal with all of the drama anymore. I'm happy I've moved on. I get to step out and do my own thing and be myself…A trophy doesn't mean anything." Maddie has also recently opened up about her mentor, Sia, who she has really connected with over the past couple of years.

She explained, "I didn't know exactly who she was that well, being 11. So when I met her I was [like], 'Wow, she's so incredible'. I thought I would do this one video and never see her again. But we became a dynamic duo. It has evolved so much from "Chandelier". I was 11 and doing this crazy style, these crazy dances and now I understand the meaning behind all of the videos. You are trying to tell a story through your facial expressions and movements and it is so emotional. I'm not as afraid now to be weird and do quirky stuff."

Obviously, Sia isn't the reason Maddie decided to quit Dance Moms altogether. But, it's clear that Sia was a major part in this stepping stone from the show into the real Hollywood industry. Maddie makes it seem like Sia has always been there for her and taught her things that even Abby Lee couldn't do.

Her sister, Mackenzie Ziegler, left the show at the same time to pursue a music career. The sisters officially called it quits after season 6 of Dance Moms. The final episode they appeared in was the finale of season 6 titled, "One Last Dance."

Why did Chloe Lukasiak leave Dance Moms?


Chloe actually returned to the series this season after leaving for quite some time. Before making her comeback, she chalked up her first departure to Abby Lee mocking her. Chloe explained, "The reason for leaving the show was my old teacher mocked my eye very bluntly; I was dealing with some serious health issues, [My exit] was very abrupt and I didn't expect to leave, obviously. But after that happened, my mom and I just kind of talked about it and it didn't seem right to go back…It didn't feel like it was a good environment for me to be in anymore. I don't regret what I did at all. I'm very happy I left when I did. I think it only would've gotten way worse. I don't think that would've been good for my mom or me, for our mental state. Everything happens for a reason so I was glad I left."

Chloe left Dance Moms in the middle of season 4. Her final appearance, before she made her return in season 7, was in the episode titled, "Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2."

Why did Nia Sioux leave Dance Moms?


Nia said, "It’s crazy to see how far it’s come and how much I’ve been through. I was just like, I’m 16 now, I’m growing up, the show has been a great platform, but it’s time to move on. During the show, I couldn’t take all the opportunities that I wanted to, and now since I’m off the show I’m getting to do what I want to do."

Why did Brooke Hyland leave Dance Moms?


Brooke and her sister, Paige Hyland, left Dance Moms a few seasons ago and there have been some discrepancies about why they got the boot. Of course, no fan of the show could forget when their mom, Kelly Hyland, got into a physical altercation with Abby Lee and legitimately pulled her hair on camera. Some say that was the reason they left.

Abby has also spoken on the matter in the past and said, "There is actually three children [that aren't in the company]. [Kelly's] two and another one that have not signed…They are not members of the Abby Lee Dance company. They walk into my studio to shoot the show. That’s it." And speaking on behalf of the fight, Abby said, "It was not the best of circumstances…It was just boiling, boiling, boiling."

Why did Peyton Ackerman leave Dance Moms?


Peyton hasn't really spoken out on the issue but it's clear that there was some conflict between her and the rest of the girls on the show. Peyton was much older than all of them – starting to film when she was a teenager compared to the rest who were much younger. Not only that, but she was accused of being a bully. However, social media says otherwise, as she has hung out with some of the girls since leaving. We're going to chalk this one up to the fact that she was just too old to be on a squad of 10-year-olds.

Why did JoJo Siwa leave Dance Moms?


JoJo left to pursue other things in her budding career. The Dance Moms alum is diving into the music world, she scored a special on Nickelodeon called JoJo Siwa: My World, and has designed a collection of hair bows. Only the sky is the limit for this gal!

Why did Asia Monet Ray leave Dance Moms?


When word got out of Asia's departure from the show, everyone was confused. Her mom took to Twitter and said, "@DanceMoms thank you. @AsiaMonetRay and I will miss the cast and crew." She also added, "Time to move on!…When opportunities knock, sometimes it’s not going to be at the right time!"

Asia got her own breakout show on Lifetime called, Raising Asia, she has her own YouTube channel, and she is trying to break into the music industry. Looks like her mom was right!

Why did Brynn Rumfallo leave Dance Moms?


Her mother, Ashlee Allen, said, "I have decided to leave Dance Moms because there were some events that took place over the last week, which included portraying young girls in a manner that I would never want my daughter portrayed in. I was absolutely appalled at anybody feeling that this was an appropriate way to portray 14 and 15-year-old girls…The last straw for me absolutely was when I expressed my concern with my 13-year-old daughter being on a television show that was portraying young women that way, and I was blown off, I was brushed off, and told 'Well, this would be OK in Europe.'"

Why did Gianna Martello leave Dance Moms?


Gianna said, "I think it was time for me. The show has been going in so many different directions since we've come back this season. Season 7A was normal, and then season 7B took kind of a crazy turn. I'm not saying that I'll never be back on it, but for now, I'm done."

Why did Abby Lee Miller leave Dance Moms?

abby lee

Well, first of all, she couldn't stay even if she wanted to. The Dance Moms matriarch was sentenced to a year and one day in prison after being accused of fraud. In a long Instagram post which has since been deleted, Abby explained, "I will no longer take part in Dance Moms. I don’t have a problem working with any kid, I love children and have dedicated my life to making other people’s children successful! I just have a problem with being manipulated, disrespected and used – day in and day out by men who never took a dance lesson in their lives and treat women like dirt!"

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