If you watched Geek Girl on Netflix, you were probably wondering as much as we were — who is the actor that plays Nick Park?! Liam Woodrum is a newcomer on the acting scene, playing a successful young model in the Netflix series based on the books by Holly Smale.

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What Is ‘Geek Girl’ About?

ICYMI, the book series and show follows Harriet (played by Emily Carey), an awkward teen who longs to blend in — until she catches the eye of a prestigious London modeling agent, discovering that true distinction lies in embracing one’s uniqueness.

“I was a huge fan growing up, and so book Harriet is very close to my screen Harriet,” Emily told RadioTimes.com. “And Holly had such a hand in adapting the book for screen, there’s so much of her essence and flavour in it that it didn’t feel too far removed, at least character-wise.”

“As Harriet says at the beginning of episode 1, this is a story for anyone who’s ever felt like they haven’t fit in. And I’m assuming that’s most of us. Everyone has had a circumstance or situation or room where they feel they don’t belong,” she continued. “And it would have meant everything to me to see a character like this on-screen [growing up], someone who is so unapologetically weird and geeky but finds her people and finds her tribe.”

Who Does Liam Woodrum Play in ‘Geek Girl’?

Liam, 21, plays the character of Nick Park, a thriving model who captivates Harriet’s attention from their first encounter at London Fashion Week.

Moreover, Nick’s demeanor brightens every time he encounters Harriet, despite being in a staged relationship with fellow model Poppy Hepple-Cartwright (played by Daisy Jelley).

Where Is Liam Woodrum From? Age, Hometown

He’s from Anaheim, which is just outside Los Angeles, California, and is around 21 years old.

What Else Has Liam Woodrum Starred In?

Before landing the role of Nick for Geek Girl, Liam’s first acting role was for a Hallmark movie titled Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance.

Along with Geek Girl in the Hallmark film, he briefly appeared in a music video for “Other Side of the Rainbow” by Extreme in 2023.

The actor has is also set to star in 213 Bones, a 1990s-set horror movie centered on a team of anthropology students who stumble upon human remains on their university grounds and endeavor to uncover the identity of the murderer.

Is Liam Woodrum Single?

It appears that Liam is currently single.

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