Let’s talk about Susannah Fisher from The Summer I Turned Pretty, because she simply does not get enough credit! The matriarch of the Fisher household is a queen (even though she is partly responsible for making Belly believe she’s meant to be with one of her sons), and her taste in all things interior design is chef’s kiss! So, who exactly is the actress behind Susannah? Meet Rachel Blanchard, who you might recognize from a classic ’90s sitcom!

Keep reading for more details on Rachel.

Who Is Rachel Blanchard?

Rachel, 47, has been in the acting game since she was a child back in the 1980s! She started off as a child actor in ’80s shows like The Kids of Degrassi Street and Sharon, Lois, & Bram’s Elephant Show, along with ’90s shows like War of the Worlds, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Chris Cross and Flash Forward, until landing one of her most significant roles as Cher Horowitz in the ’90s TV sitcom, Clueless.

Following her three season stint as the iconic blonde Cher, she went on to star in multiple films and TV shows throughout the 2000s and 2010s, including Snakes On a Plane, Peep Show, Where the Truth Lies, Flight of the Conchord and Fargo.

She’s married to American musical composer Jeremy Turner, and they share one child together.

Does Susannah Die In ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’?

Warning: major spoilers ahead.

It’s revealed within the first episode of the second season that Susannah dies after a year-long battle with cancer. This is similar to what occurs in the original book series that the Prime Video show is based off of.

How Did Susannah Die in 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'? Spoilers Explained
Prime Video

“I’ll say that [the second season] will [follow the books], pretty closely, but there might be some twists and turns that people might not expect. I mean, it’s, you know, I think the books are … the second book takes place over only a few days. And then it has a bunch of flashbacks,” author Jenny Han told Distractify in June 2022. “And so we are sort of approaching the second season with that same kind of energy where you can see, I think, some of what happened in the intervening months. I’ll say that without spoiling, I mean, really, just Google the book. Read the book, and maybe you’ll have a good idea about what’s going to happen, but it won’t be the exact, but it’s inevitable, though.”

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