Rest in peace, Millie Bobby Brown‘s British accent. After appearing on a popular late night show, fans noticed that the Stranger Things star sounded a lot different. Keep reading to find out if the Stranger Things star lost her British accent.

The actress, who grew up in England but moved to the United States in 2011, confused some viewers after switching up her accent to an American one during an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon from February 2024.

While she recounted the story of how Jake Bongiovi proposed to her, fans noticed that Mille seemingly lost her accent when she said certain words.

“Basically, Jake and I bonded over diving. We love diving. We got our diving licenses together. We were on vacation and he was like, ‘Mil, you got to be up at 8 a.m. we’re going on a dive,'” she shared on the show.

Watchers pointed out that she pronounced words like “vacation,” “together” and “eight” in an American style, whereas “bonded” and “going” sounded more British.

One user wrote, “Her british accent is barely there anymore. I know shes been in America for a long time now but omg it used to be SO strong!” Another commenter said, “she pronounces certain words like a brit but the cadence she’s using is so american.”

The cause behind this change might be due to Millie’s complex living situation. The actress was born in Spain, but moved to England with her parents when she was just four-years-old.

A few years later, the Enola Homes star moved to Florida in hopes of pursing an acting career. Since then, Millie has split her time between the United States and England.

Fans speculate the reason why Millie sounds more American now is due to the fact that she’s filming season 5 of Stranger Things! One fan explained, “She’s filming stranger things where her accent is American so she’s probably in that mode.”

Another fan theory behind the change is due to Millie’s relationship with Jake — a New Jersey native! The two first started dating in 2021, and they’re pretty much inseparable.

Millie told The Times in August 2023, “As soon as we spoke I knew he was going to be a huge part of my life. I ran to my mum and said, ‘I really, really like him!’ After we met we knew we never wanted to leave each other’s side.”

Millie Bobby Brown Responds to Accent Backlash

The actress dispelled the rumors behind her accent switch while speaking with TikToker Max Balegde. The Enola Holmes star explained in March 2024 that she “can’t help” switching between accents since she grew up in both the US and England.

She said in the clip, “I’m an actor. I grew up in the public eye. I grew up in America. I come to set and I’m an actor and I adapt,” she explained. “And so I want to mimic people.”

Millie continued, “Now that I’m in England I want to replicate that! I don’t do it intentionally and I’m sorry if it offends you!”

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