Beauty vlogger Bretman Rock had no time for his neighbor who was seemingly spying on him, so what did he do? Flashed them, of course! Yep, in a recently uploaded TikTok video, the YouTuber explained that he recently found out that the person who lives next-door to his house installed security cameras which seemed to be aimed at his bedroom. So, in order to get back at them, the 21-year-old danced in front of the camera in his birthday suit!

“As you guys know my neighbor hates me… And I don’t know why she hates me,” Bretman told fans in the now-viral clip. “So I found out a couple of months ago that this b***h had cameras pointed in my room. I can’t help but wonder, like, does this b***h think I’m gonna do something? ‘Cause now I am b***h.”

The influencer also posted the video to his Instagram and in the caption claimed, “This b***h [has] been harassing me since I moved here.” As fans know, he previously explained to followers — according to a video that was reposted by fans on Twitter — that he felt “bullied” living in his neighborhood. Bretman recounted the first week when he moved into the house and explained that on his birthday, his neighbor “literally looked me in the eye and said how can you afford to live here? And she literally said in her own words, ‘You don’t belong in this neighborhood.’”

He also alleged that they have called the police on him and won’t allow him to have cameras outside of his house to ensure his safety when people would try to come to his house “uninvited.”

As fans know, Bretman has previously taken to his Instagram Stories and begged fans to stop showing up at his house. Back in April, he called out people who have been coming to his home asking for pictures, leaving notes on his car and even going up to the door and asking his boyfriend if he’s home.

“Please do not show up at my house and ask me for a picture, especially during this time when everybody is supposed to be motherf**king staying home,” he said at the time. “Can y’all not do that, please, because next time I really will be calling the motherf**king cops.”

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