YouTuber Jessie Paege just got super vulnerable with her fans in a brand new song called “Coming Out.” On Friday, March 13, the 21-year-old internet star not only dropped the track, but she also released a super personal music video to go along with it. Throughout the three-minute visual, Jessie recounted her negative experience with coming out to viewers.

“I’ve never really opened up about my negative experiences with coming out… This song was has my whole heart attached to it. I want to make this clear, this song is for ANYONE that has to apologize for who they are,” she wrote in a heartfelt message posted to Instagram. “The past five years of my life, I’ve felt like I’m a disappointment because of my colored hair, the way I dress, tattoo, mental illness, career, and sexuality. However, SO many of those things are how we were all brought together on my page. I think that’s absolutely beautiful. So, this song is for you. Thank you for loving me as I am and you deserve to absolutely adore who you are.”

The tune was all about Jessie not being accepted for her sexuality and how, throughout the years, she has learned to not apologize for who she is.

“I won’t apologize for anything I am / I won’t apologize cause you don’t understand / I spent my life hiding what was going on inside / I’m finally alive I’m taking back my life,” the powerful lyrics read.

Jessie Paege Opens Up About The Negative Aspects Of Coming Out In New Music Video

As fans know, the release of “Coming Out” came just a few days after Jessie celebrated her 21st birthday with a birthday cake for the first time in five years. For those who forgot, the influencer has been open in the past about her struggle with an eating disorder and revealed to fans that she never let herself eat sweet treats, even in celebration. But in 2020, that all changed.

“I remember every year, I’d get cupcakes or a cake for my birthday and I knew my brain would convince me I wasn’t allowed to eat it. This year, I want to the best version of myself…and that’s the happiest. Not the smallest. You deserve to take up space and eat your birthday cake,” Jessie wrote alongside a photo of herself standing with a cake.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Youth Crisis Hotline at 1-800-448-4663.

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