Fans were left seriously worried after former YouTub star Tré Melvin revealed he had been hospitalized following a “severe” car accident and that he was suffering from “brain injuries.”

A statement posted to his Twitter account on Tuesday, June 23 read, “Early Monday morning, Tré was involved in a severe auto collision with his friend Katherya. Both are currently hospitalized and have suffered brain injuries. While Tré is stable, Kathy is unresponsive.”

“Their families ask that you please send prayers, blessings and positive vibrations their way,” the message continued. “They will come out of this stronger and more powerful. So it is.”

Hours later, the social media star took to Twitter himself to let fans know that he was OK, but that his friend had unfortunately passed away.

“I survived a fatal crash. My best friend didn’t. I don’t think I have ever been this numb. Ever,” he wrote, alongside a link to a GoFundMe page. “If you can, please donate to her funeral costs.”

He added, “To those asking, I’m (physically) OK. I was knocked unconscious on impact and my brain bled fairly heavily but the bleeding stabilized this morning. My neck and my back want me dead, but that’s what meds are for. I’m alive and I’m grateful.”

For those who don’t know, Tré announced his departure from YouTube last month, after he claimed they “censored” him. He then started his own video streaming service called

“I will no longer allow the platform to censor my pain. I will no longer allow the platform to demonetize my pain. I will no longer sit at a table both my blackness and my queerness have never truly been welcome at. I will build my own,” the influencer explained at the time. “ is my newest child. It is an ad-free, paid subscription service, with a 7-day free trial. Effective immediately, my content is no longer streamable via YouTube.”

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