Some fans are seriously worried about Zayn Malik. On Wednesday, February 12, one of the former One Direction member’s biggest supporters started the hashtag #FreeZayn on social media and in a Twitter thread alleged that his record label, RCA records, and Simon Cowell have been “sabotaging” Zayn’s solo music career.

The fan claimed that in 2015 the X Factor judge was the person responsible for Zayn’s contract with the label that ultimately “restricted” his musical freedom. According to the tweets, the fan also said that after his departure from One Direction, the media was made to publish articles making Zayn look like the “bad guy,” therefore generating negative thoughts about his solo career.

Another allegation made against RCA from the fan was that they “ruined” the release of his Icarus Falls album in 2018.

“First off, Zayn planned to release the album way before the actual release date but the label was holding him back and ruined the actual [roll out] of the album,” the fan wrote referring to one of Zayn’s tweets from 2018 where he said, “I hear you guys.. I know you want a date for the album and I do too. The label is holding me back but I promise I am doing everything I can to get my music to you. Thank you…You will hear from me soon.”

Here's Why #FreeZayn Is Trending — Inside Zayn Malik's Rumored Feud With Record Label RCA

The fan then added, “Not only did the title of the album get leaked, but also there were NO physical copies out on the release date. Stores only got them a WEEK later (sabotaging sales). Also, a LOT of countries did not get copies at all and the ones that did, were limited.”

Lastly, the fan claimed that radio stations were “being held back” from playing any of Zayn’s music.

On Tuesday, February 11 — one day before the Twitter thread went viral — another fan claimed via the social media site that RCA had sent Zayn’s vocals to other artists and producers without his consent.

“Sources are reporting RCA has sent Malik’s vocals to producers in the past without his knowledge and tried to release a remix without the singer’s consent,” the tweet read.

Here's Why #FreeZayn Is Trending — Inside Zayn Malik's Rumored Feud With Record Label RCA

Naturally, Zayn fans have stuck by the singer and have successfully trended #FREEZAYN on Twitter to bring awareness to the situation. The “Pillow Talk” singer has stayed silent about the sabotage allegations, but seemingly addressed the tweet about his vocals being sent to other artists.

“Yo! thank you so much for letting me know about this. I do not have any new collaborations coming so please just keep checking here for any news. You know you will always be the first to know. Spread the word…big love,” he wrote on Twitter.

RCA Records has yet to respond to the fans’ allegations.

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