Fans said goodbye to DisneyXD’s series Zeke and Luther in April 2012! The show premiered in June 2009, and came to an end after three seasons.

The show — which starred Hutch Dano, Adam Hicks, Ryan Newman, Daniel Curtis Lee and Nate Hartley among others — followed the adventures of two skateboard-loving friends who had big plans to become the best athletes in the sport’s history.

Throughout its time on the network, the show was praised for its unique storylines and realistic friendships.

“We are the only show in the kids’ space that is executing such a high level of physical comedy,” the show’s co-creator Matt Dearborn told Deadline in June 2011. “Two people talking to each other might play in primetime, but unless somebody’s going to pick up a banana and hit the two guys talking over the head with it, it doesn’t work for my audience. And I’m not just talking about an onslaught of spit takes, although our demographic never grows tired of that.”

In fact, Ryan herself even won an award for Best Performance in a TV Series” at the Young Artist Awards in 2010 because of her role as Zeke’s little sister, Ginger.

Getting that award was such an amazing feeling, the actress told Sweety High at the time. I absolutely had no intention of winning, and when I did, I was in total disbelief. I was up against Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove and other talented girls, so it was such an honor just to be nominated.

When the show was at its peak popularity, Hutch also talked with Girls’ Life magazine about his fan-favorite character.

“Zeke is very serious. He’s very focused and passionate about skateboarding. He pursues his dream [of being] a world-famous skateboarder every day, and I’ve always been a fan of someone who just really, you know, goes for it. I just love his passion,” the actor gushed. “He’s very passionate about skateboarding and I feel the same way about acting. It’s something that I want to do for the rest of my life, the same way Zeke wants to be a skateboarder the rest of his life.”

Of course, Hutch has gone on to continue acting, just like the rest of his fellow former DisneyXD costars. Over the years, all the Zeke and Luther stars have had a pretty major glow up as they made the transition from teenagers into adulthood. Wondering what they all look like now? Click through our gallery to see what the cast of Zeke and Luther‘s major transformations.

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