When the Canadian TV show Life With Derek premiered via Disney Channel in 2005, fans felt at home with the blended McDonald and Venturi families.

The show starred Michael Seater (Derek), Ashley Leggat (Casey), Jordan Todosey (Lizzie), Daniel Magder (Edwin) and Ariel Waller (Marti) and mainly followed the antics of the eldest child, Derek, who made it his mission to wreak havoc on the life of his new stepsister Casey. Life With Derek aired on the network for four seasons and a total of 70 episodes until coming to an end in 2009.

Years after the show came to an end, former costars Michael and Ashley reunited for the 2015 movie People Hold On. Michael, who directed the film, recruited his TV sister to join the cast.

“I think we grew so close on Life with Derek that he just knows what to say to get me in the place I need to be,” the actress explained to MTV News in May 2016 about working with Michael as a director. He added, “I don’t think [she] had ever done something that was raw and indie like this, and her gutsiness in going forward was incredibly impressive and shows on camera. I was so lucky to have her there.”

During the same interview, the former Disney Channel stars revealed that they don’t see each other as often as they’d like to.

“We could not see each other for years, and it’s like no time has passed at all when we do see each other,” Ashley gushed. Michael added, “[We] just instantly want to get into antics.”

They even showed off their antics during an April 2020 virtual reunion amid the coronavirus lockdown by reacting to an episode of Life With Derek. “I feel like I wanna cry and laugh and scream. It was such a trip down memory lane, I loved every second of it,” Ashley gushed. Michael noted that it made him want to “go back and watch the other 69 episodes.”

Most recently, the duo are reunited for the spinoff movie Life With Luca, which premiered in February 2023.

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