It’s official, the ACE Family is hitting the road in 2020! On Saturday, January 18, Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom uploaded a 28-minute video full of huge announcements about their soon-to-be family of five. One project the YouTube-famous family has in the works is their upcoming summer tour.

“The last thing is, the ACE Family summer tour. I can’t believe we officially announced it,” the couple told viewers before they ended the video.

Naturally, fans freaked out in the best way. Loyal ACE Family followers took to social media and shared their excitement about the tour.

“I love the ACE Family so much. I’m so happy for them, they seem so genuinely happy! I’m so excited that they’re going on tour!! I hope I can meet them!!” one fan wrote. Another added, “Sooo excited about the ACE Family summer tour.”

Others asked the couple to share more information about where they plan on traveling.

“Cannot wait for what 2020 has to bring. Also VERY curious to know if the ACE FAMILY is possibly considering coming to Toronto for this tour?” one social media user asked. Another fan said, “I hope they come to Florida on their tour I would LOVE to meet the ACE Family!!”

Their upcoming summer tour wasn’t the only announcement Catherine and Austin had in their video. The pair explained to their 18 million subscribers that they’ve actually been married for two years. They revealed that no one, not even their parents, knew about their nuptials. 

“I just want to say our parents were not there, our family was not there. It was really just us, like a personal, private experience. We did it in our backyard, I did it with flip flops and a T-shirt,” Austin explained before Catherine added that they plan to have a big wedding ceremony planned for the future. “That’s what we’re looking forward to is the ceremony. Scratch the actual marriage, I’m looking to have that special day. I’m looking to have pictures to look back on and give to our grandkids and their kids and their kids.”

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