YouTuber Cole Carrigan has accused Austin McBroom of sexually assaulting his friends. In a 15-minute video uploaded on October 14, 2019, titled “The Truth About The Ace Family,” Cole alleged that Austin forced two of his friends, who chose to remain anonymous, to perform sexual acts against their will.

“The reason why I am filming this for my friends is because just like every other girl that this has happened to, they’re afraid to come forward. And I would be too if I was a victim in this type of situation. It could be really scary dealing with somebody with such power and I think that’s the main reason why a lot of people haven’t come forward is because they’re afraid of not being heard or getting shut down or even getting a lawsuit in the mail because that’s the type of person Austin is,” the makeup mogul said. “I’m respecting my friend’s wishes because she is too ashamed and embarrassed that she doesn’t want to show her face or admit that on-camera for millions of people to see. And that’s why I’m here to do that for her because there’s no way I can move on knowing that this s**t is happening behind closed doors with a father of two, it blows my mind.”

For those who don’t know, Austin is a basketball player who rose to fame after he and his wife, Catherine Paiz, started documenting their life together on social media. They’ve welcomed two daughters together, Elle and Alaïa, and the family has become one of the most-watched channels on YouTube.

“A few months ago, June 22 to be exact … I got a call from one of my good friends. She was hysterically crying, I’ve never heard someone feel so distraught in my life. I was so scared. And she began to explain to me that she was in Miami with Austin McBroom and a bunch of other people including his assistant, his dad, security guards, others girls,” Cole claimed.

The beauty guru said that his friend told him that they had gone back to their room to change after spending the day partying with Austin on a yacht.

“And that’s when Austin, the security guard, the father and two other guys came into their room,” he alleged. “My friend told me that she repeatedly said no multiple times, over and over and over to the point where she started crying, begging them to stop.”

Cole also claimed that Keemstar was supposed to make a video about the situation but was paid $500 thousand by Austin to keep quiet.

“I can’t live with knowing that this type of person, who’s doing these things to people is just, like, winning at life and having everything just handed to them — money, fame, etc.,” he added. “The last thing I want to do is rip someone’s family apart, but whenever something this serious happens and it’s to my friend and multiple other people are coming forward about other experiences, it’s not something that I, as a person, can stay quiet on. It’s just against my morals and it’s something I absolutely won’t do.”

A few hours after the video was uploaded, Austin’s wife, Catherine, tweeted, “I don’t know who’s worse? The person who photoshops conversations OR the people who believe it? NEXT. Can’t break us, ever.”

Austin took to Twitter to deny the allegations, writing, “If you have not heard, I have recently been a victim of extortion, defamation and slander. I knew this was a cold world but never did I foresee something this disturbing upon me. THank you to all of my Ace Family members for all of your concerns and thank you to shoe who know my character and my heart. I don’t wish this upon anyone and I can only hope that those responsible for this learn from their mistakes and become better people. My family and I [are] dealing with this matter privately and taking legal action. Bullying, extortion, slander and defamation of [character] is something I will not stand for and I can promise that justice will be served.”

Cole Carrigan Accuses YouTuber Austin McBroom of Sexual Assault

He also posted a screenshot of a message that influencer Leslie Golden wrote, claiming that she was one of the girls Cole was referring to.

“To speak on this video that Cole Carrigan posted, some of you have already figured out that I’m the other girl they’re talking about in the video. I feel like this video was made for the wrong reasons, and this wasn’t Cole’s story to tell,” she wrote. “I wanted to say that Austin McBroom is not to blame in the situation, and did not rape me or anyone. I’m currently handling the situation in my own way. I brought this to social media to address the false accusations. This isn’t what I wanted, there’s several sides to every story, and this isn’t how I wanted to tell mine.”

Cole Carrigan Accuses YouTuber Austin McBroom of Sexual Assault

Her post has since been deleted.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Youth Crisis Hotline at 1-800-448-4663.

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