Married YouTube couple Savannah and Cole LaBrant reluctantly posted a video on February 25 after a crazed fan stole Savannah’s identity and started sending pizzas to their personal address.

That’s right, you guys! The couple took to their YouTube channel to beg fans to respect their privacy and to no longer show up at their private home, where they live with their two daughters, Everleigh and newborn baby Posey.

“To be honest, when we’re at our house we prefer that no one comes by,” Cole said. “Just because, whenever we’re in our home, we’re in our private home. If we’re out and about and you see us at Disneyland, the mall, restaurants, come up and say hey, take pictures.”

So, what exactly inspired the concerning video? For starters, the couple said that their privacy has been invaded for years, but that nothing was ever concerning enough to address in a video — that is, until now.

The couple said, “In the past, we’ve just gotten weird things dropped off on our porch — weird packages, pictures of random men’s faces — I say this stuff but, again, I don’t want to draw attention to it because I don’t want it to happen and I know we have people out there who just don’t like us because of what we stand for, who we are, so many reasons. But we’ve called the cops both times and right now the cops are on their way.”

Then, Cole went into exactly what happened, saying the pizza delivery man arrived at their doorstep after 10 p.m. on February 24, claiming that the 25-year-old mother-of-two ordered an entire pie from Dominos. Oddly enough, the former star never placed an order at all, and the pizza came along with a very strange note that was supposedly from her ex-boyfriend, who’s also Everleigh’s biological dad.

The note said, “I love you, Savannah. Here’s a pizza for you.” Uh, what?

Of course, Cole and Savannah quickly called up her ex, who confirmed that he had nothing to do with the mysterious pizza delivery. So who was it? Well, they’re not so sure. However, it’s currently being investigated by police — especially since at least 10 more orders mysteriously popped up in Savannah’s e-mail the following morning, with one order addressed to Everleigh’s school.

Yep! Not only does this crazed fan know where the family lives, but they also know where 6-year-old Everleigh’s school is, which is so unsafe for so many reasons. And while they trust that most of their viewers are respectful of their privacy, Savannah did have a message for the one person who has been making them feel extremely unsafe.

“We’re going to keep calling the police and we’re going to find you.” she said. “Nobody messes with my kids and we’re going to get you.”

When the police arrived at their home, the couple shared all of the scary things that happened to them in the past 24 hours, and while they’re still investigating who was behind all the creepy pizza orders, the cops did tell the couple that this is 100% identity theft.

“So the police just left and this is straight-on identity theft,” Cole said. “He gave us a whole thing of things to go through and they’re just fully looking into this. This is illegal and a crime.”

NGL, even though it’s just pizza, it is pretty scary that a stranger knows where the family lives and goes to school, so we totally get why they got law enforcement involved. Hopefully, they find the person who’s responsible because stealing someone’s identity is simply not cool.

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