Slaying one song at a time! Addison Rae released the track “I Got It Bad” as part of her AR EP on Friday, August 18. As fans know, the internet star had plans to release a collection of music a few years ago, however, it never dropped — until now.

“I wrote a lot of songs, obviously, as one does when they’re trying to figure out what they want to say, and what kind of music they want to make,” she explained to Vogue upon the EP’s release. “As I was doing that, I put out ‘Obsessed,’ and … I’m pretty hard on myself in general. I have very high standards for myself, and that can be my downfall sometimes. I just wanted people to know that I really care about music, and that I take it seriously. I put out ‘Obsessed’ and, you know, people didn’t love it as much as I loved it.”

Because of her “fragile sense of self at that time,” Addison felt “a lot of self-doubt” and decided to forgo the music release. Keep reading for everything to know about “I Got It Bad,” Addison’s music career and more. 

What Is Addison Rae’s ‘I Got It Bad’ About?

Before it’s official release, snippets of “I Got It Bad” were leaked online.

“I’ve seen so much stuff about my unreleased song ‘I Got It Bad.’ I think it’s so funny right now,” Addison told Glamour in January 2022. “I don’t know [when I’ll release it]. We’ll have to see, I guess. It just depends.”

Addison Rae I Got It Bad
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

More than a year later, the track officially dropped. It appears that the song is about Addison developing feelings for a boy.

“He looked right into my eyes and it was over,” the song’s opening line reads. “I knew I should walk away, but I ran closer.”

Will Addison Rae Release More Music?

There might just be a new era on the horizon.

“I think I know myself now, and I know what I want to do, and I know where I want to go, and to have full control over doing it exactly how I envision it. I wanted this EP to be the end note to the past few years, and a stepping stone forward in my career,” Addison told Vogue. “And I can’t wait to show you the next part.”

After her songs were leaked, Addison was “shocked.” However, she noticed “this group of people who were super-interested in them, and it restored a little bit of excitement about it all for me,” which allowed her to become more confident about releasing music.

“I was just really surprised, after what felt like a long period of time, that people were so interested and wanted to see me continue,” she added. “And so, I began to realize that the only way I can fail is by not continuing. I think that’s the most important thing I’ve learned over the past two-and-a-half years.”

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