Maxton Hall is quickly becoming one of our fav shows with an enemies-to-lovers trope! The German series, which can be viewed on Prime Video, has taken over our lives and most likely yours too.

While we wait for the next season, we’ve decided to create a character guide (whether you’ve seen the show, or you’re planning on watching, it’s a good read nonetheless).

Keep scrolling to get a better look at each cast member and their character in the popular series. 

What Is ‘Maxton Hall’ About?

Maxton Hall follows the life of Ruby Bell, who has one major goal — to graduate from the private school Maxton Hall so that she can attend her dream university, Oxford.

However, Ruby’s life is a bit different compared to her peers, who would rather focus on partying and spending their parent’s money.

In the classic enemies-to-lovers tale, Ruby ends up crossing paths with one of the richest guys in the her high school, James Beaufort. After an unexpected encounter, James thinks he can woe her with money, but Ruby can’t be bought off.

The TV show, based on the Save Me series by Mona Kasten, continues to follow their unlikely pairing as a romance brews between the two.

The German drama series tackles more issues than your typical star-crossed lovers trope! One of the most notable themes in Maxton Hall has to be the class divisions between the characters.

Ruby’s family struggles to make ends meet, whereas her counterpart James is extremely well off. Throughout the series, the two struggle to understand how the other one lives, which creates a lot of tension.

Will There Be a Second Season of ‘Maxton Hall’?

If you’ve gotten attached to the characters in Maxton Hall, don’t fret, because a second season is on its way! On May 17, 2024, Prime Video announced that the popular series will be coming back to our screens.

The news comes after the show became the streamer’s most-watched international show of all time in its first week.

Interested in learning more about the characters? Keep scrolling to get a breakdown of the cast!

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