When Disney Channel’s Andi Mack came to an end, fans were heartbroken! After three seasons, the trailblazing series said goodbye to the network in July 2019. Ever since the series finale aired, viewers have wondered whether or not the show would ever return to TV for a possible reboot. Thankfully, the cast has spilled some major tea about wanting to reprise their iconic roles.

The show starred Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, Asher Angel, Sofia Wylie, Trent Garrett, Lilan Bowden, Lauren Tom and Emily Skinner, and followed the story of a young girl named Andi whose life is turned upside-down after finding out that her older sister is actually her mom. Throughout its time on the air, Andi Mack made headlines for tackling major social issues and even became the first show in Disney Channel history to feature an LGBTQ+ story line.

“That was the greatest chapter of my life so far,” actress Peyton told Entertainment Tonight during a September 2020 interview. “The people I met, I miss every day. It really was super difficult for me when that series ended because it was a huge chapter of my life. It was pretty much my childhood.”

When it came to talking about a reboot, the Secret Society of Second-Born Royals actress also told the publication that she would “definitely” be down to bring the series back, and noted that her former fellow castmates would be too. “I’m still very close with all the cast members, we talk all the time and I definitely think that’s something we would be really excited about and really wanting to happen,” Peyton gushed at the time.


Following the show’s series finale, creator Terri Minsky told Paste Magazine in July 2019 that she would “love to do an Andi Mack movie at some point.”

“I want to get back with those characters, I want to get back with that cast, I want to be back in that world,” she gushed at the time. “But as my mother always said, ‘You should leave a party when you’re having fun.’ And we had so much fun.”

So, is there any possibility for an Andi Mack reboot in the near future? With the stars being as close as they are and everyone being on board, fans would love to see Andi and the gang all grown up. Scroll through our gallery for all the Andi Mack cast’s quotes about a possible reboot. 

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