Andi Mack just wrapped its second season, and the final episode definitely ended on quite a cliffhanger. Are Bex and Bowie going to get married? Will Andi and Jonah’s relationship last? There are so many layers – we wouldn’t blame you if your head is still spinning from everything that went down. That’s why we’re here to give you a little recap of what happened in the finale so that you’re all caught up for Season 3. Ready, let’s go!

andi mack


As we know, it’s Andi’s legit dream to have one, big happy family – which would require her mother Bex and father Bowie to get married. Things were always a bit complicated between the two, but things were finally great between them. In fact, Bex and Andi have this huge plan in the finale episode to propose to Bowie by planting a ring inside a layer cake. But before the plan plays out, Bowie gets offered the opportunity to reunite with his band and go on tour with them. So what does that mean for Bex and Bowie?

Family drama isn’t the only thing Andi is dealing with. Things between Andi and her on-again, off-again bae Jonah were finally great. But then, Andi finds out he’ll be going away to summer camp for – wait for it – EIGHT WEEKS. Now what?! So, yeah. They really sent us off with some huge shockers. But hey, at least it’s confirmed that they’re coming back for Season 3. Just looks like we’re going to have to wait a while to get some answers.

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