Are Chloe x Halle making a return? Sisters Halle Bailey and Chloe Bailey have been singing together since they were kids, and were discovered by Beyoncé with their music YouTube covers in the 2010s. After both sisters have dropped solo music, fans have been wondering if they would ever release music as a duo again. Keep reading to see if they have plans for album no. 3!

Are Chloe x Halle Releasing New Music Together Again?

Chloe confirmed that the duo will start the writing process for their third album beginning next year!

“I am so excited for the top of next year when we start honing in again on our third album. I know we’re really excited. It’s going to be so special,” Chloe told Popsugar in August 2023.

“We’ve both lived a lot and we’ve grown a lot. And then we’ll be able to put our minds together again for an even more special project. I think that, in this time, sis and I have grown great individual fan bases and it’ll even help when it comes back to our duo project for people to really pay attention and have more eyes and ears on it than Ungodly Hour did.”

Halle said to “definitely” expect new music from Chloe x Halle in the near future, during an interview with Elle Magazine in August 2023.

“You can always expect new music from me and my sister,” Halle confirmed, before her sister shared some of the aspects of her life that keep her musically inspired. Chloe revealed, “Going out and experiencing people celebrating and having fun and just seeing what gets different types of people going.”

She added, “I can’t wait for my sister and I to put that within our own music, in our solo music and group music. It’s gonna be fun now knowing who we are individually more, and what we can bring when we come back together as a group — that’s gonna be really exciting.”

Chloe x Halle’s last musical drop was their 2020 album Ungodly Hour.

Have Chloe x Halle Released Solo Music?

Both siblings have launched their respective solo musical careers over the years. Chloe was the first, releasing her debut solo single “Have Mercy,” which went certified platinum in the U.S., in 2021. Her debut studio album In Pieces, was released in March 2023.

“It’s definitely different,” Chloe said of releasing her own music without Halle. “I don’t have my sister’s expertise and knowledge while I am creating, and usually while I’m producing or coming up with something, I’ll be like, ‘Sister, what do you think? What are you thinking?’ I can’t do that with her, and I trust her opinion more than anyone, so it’s different.”

chloe bailey halle bailey
Photo by 2020 Billboard Women In Music/Getty Images for Billboard

As for Halle, The Little Mermaid actress released her first solo track, “Angel,” in August 2023. She spoke about how filming the Disney adaptation inspired the track during her Elle interview.

“I’m so excited about the song; ‘Angel’ was just for me to put something out there for myself and see what happens,” she revealed. “The past few years have been really great. It’s basically just a love letter to my younger self about what I’ve been through, specifically this year with the movie and everything else, and what it feels like to have all these eyes on you. Just the words of encouragement and self-affirmation that you need.”

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